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Sat 9th Jul 2022 01:33

Note to Grelk-Folk

by Vurak

[The following notes are written in a Pidgin mix of Draconic and Giant, and encoded additionally.]
Vurak notewrites in case Vurak dies. Is tellwrite for Material-Plane. Date is
Drathan-Folk can roamwander freely. Dominion-folk look at Drathan-Folk like personpeople. So, Drathan-Folk have rights in Material-Plane. Is important, because when Drathan-Folk travelflee to Material-Plane, Köll cannot abducttake back to Gelethis. Not easily.
Safest people are Fane-Folk. Have to help because of Blood-Magic, but follow Dominion-state most. Avoid deathmagic and corpsedestroying. Trustworthy Fane-Folk are "Mafë" in Qesrir and "Daneýla" in Madras. If no Fane-Folk are around, Vurak vouchspeaks for Big-Folk Vurak has travelgone with personself. May not lookseem at all, but despite better judgethink and first impressions, certain seem trustworthy enough. Is difficult to really say what Vurak feels for these Big-Folk. Too much to note.
Against all thoughts Vurak had at first, Big Bug-Sister "Pari" is one. Is one Vurak warned about before. Is important not to be too healthmedicine-interesting, or will get intriguedexcited. Likes researchdoing on plants and animals, sometimes people or self. Likes Big Metal-Brother, like bondmates, only less clan-like. Hates Fae-Folk, having work stolen, Warden-Folk, and obstructkeeping of experiments. Cooperatehelp as much as necessary. Aside from shootstaff, relies on magic, is healer and can make medicine. Body weak, mind strong.
Big Stone-Brother "Teremun" also surprisingly good despite tallheight. Offered to take Grelk-Folk to Amanhet-Place. Vurak is not sure if offer is nowcurrent still. Likes cooking and honestspeak, helping Veldrani-Folk. Hates Veldrani-Folk named "Maarhul", trickery, dishonesty. Has Vurak-made hook, but mainly has to closefight.
Tricky is Big Metal-Brother "Belladonna". Understands dirtyfight, works towards finishgoal. Likes money, treasure, alcohol, and Big Bug-Sister. Hates stupidmocking of family or Big Bug-Sister. Most versatile, Vurak helped with ranged-combat. Very weak to fireflame, especially in face. Wears metal armor.
Finally, most difficult is Small Mask-Uncle "Noct". Title saytells. Likes rememberfinding and achieving goals. Hates gods, snakes, Tussari-Folk, people who speaktalk too much. Has disdain for people in general. Very like Big-Folk. Have something to give if must, is very pragmatic. Powerful closeattacks, little range. Can summonbring creatures from Dark-Plane. Wears metal-armor.
Vurak hopes note will not be necessary. If will become, read, memorize, and destroy. Do not look for corpse. Do not seek avengedoing. Stop Chnukh, Shnukh, Kadnes, Norkas, and Frirsk if needed. Vurak-things are in "Talima Lodge" in Quesrir-Place. Sun can be seen. Water falls from sky, is normal. If have time, try watching "sun-set". Is great-best thing Vurak has seen in life.
To melting ice.
Vurak, Great-Best Thingmaker of Grelk-Folk.

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