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Wed 8th Jul 2020 04:01

Divine Soft-Rock Paste

by Noct

I remember it as if it was still in my grasp, the floury taste of bread lingering in my mouth even as I write this. It was a cold day, a morning sun covered by rainy clouds that warned of a storm brewing in the horizon. I was having breakfast alone, pondering deeply of the horrible past that may or may not yet affect my debatable future well-being. The dry bread that I found made for pour sustenance, my stomach thrumming as if the lords of thunder were summoning their own storm inside it.
"Foul, accursed floury disc!" I yelled with passion, nigh calling upon a great inferno that burned with the fury of a thousand suns due to sheer rage!... And the lit candle I knocked off the table. Killing the ember swiftly, I knelt down, observing quietly a compartment built below the furniture Bellamy called a "cupboard". I knew that a hidden stash most brilliant lay there, yet, dare I touch it!
"I am sorry dream-maker, but my hunger knows only hate for this one!" I proclaimed as I placed my hand upon the forbidden handle and forced it open with whatever might hunger had not consumed was left in me! Then... There it was... A small jar, filled to the brim with a strange, brown-colored paste. What was it? Some kind of healing ointment? A skin care product? Liquid sand? I had to find out. With a hard heart and a strong mind, I took the jar in my hands and pried open the lid.
The smell of something edible crept into my nostrils, as I continued my hypothesis on what this strange concoction's purpose truly was. Shyly I chose to sacrifice a single index finger to a possible man-eating sand-sea beast, most likely kept trapped for generations by heroes of old. As I pushed into it, I decisively pulled away, the violent paste now smothering my hand! I had no choice but to devour it before it devoured me first!... Then, a pause.
The whole world began spinning, an explosion of every possible timeline, every possible past, present and future, pouring sweet anodyne inside my mouth. I became divine for but a second, unraveling the complex weave of the world and ascending. Then I chewed, a rocky formation, somehow soft and hearty, made a resounding crunching sound that must have penetrated the world's veil and reached into the beyond. My confusion was peaked as this simple paste, a taste that words can do no justice, was capable of all this and more, more than this paltry writer can ever put into writing.
The door suddenly opened, my senses returning to the mortal realm from whence I came. Bellamy walked inside and stared at me, no doubt lost in the same trance I was by merely observing this Divine Soft-Rock Paste. I struggled to stand, yet stand I did, my legs swiftly carried me before my substantially taller friend. I tried for a few seconds to give him something to understand, some speech of divine inspiration, yet like a bubbling fool I stumbled with my words and looked to be a tool. Bellamy spoke behind his helmet, his voice reaching my now mortal ears.
"Noct," he said "why are you on the floor?"
I told him everything. All of the things I experienced with a simple dip of my finger inside this cosmic substance. I firmly grasped his forearms and looked at him with as serious a face as any man, woman or whatever I am could muster and said "Bellamy! This forbidden delicacy! None must ever know where or how it was procured lest the world end!"
His eyes traces the mess on the ground, finally settling upon the jar of Divine Soft-Rock Paste laying behind me. With the most defeated of expressions, one powerful enough to slightly distort his faceplate with the strength of his facial muscles alone, he spoke the following to me:
My smiled brightened as he ended his brief speech with:
"It's just... Peanut butter."