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Sat 4th Jul 2020 09:33

Retracing the Road of Dreams part 1

by Noct

These strange dreams, these nightmares, have slowly been making more sense as of late. I find myself sometimes able to follow them back, back towards a life I once lived. Everything and everyone I see in these dreams are foreign to me, a cast of actors playing their part to the letter, yet they seem familiar in a way. Last night I once again had this violent dream, I was screaming bloody murder at someone, clawing at the dark covered landscape before me. This person who was, for some reason, trying to hurt me, also felt strangely familiar, as if we had once met but forgot how or when. I am unsure if I was the one to attack first, yet I was the one to go down first. A fierce battle, ended in a terrible blow, nearly shattering my entire body.
Questions flood my mind as I try to make sense of what was going on. Why was I there? Who was the man? What lead to this conflict? Was I trying to stop an evil being... Or was he trying to stop me?