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Wed 20th Mar 2019 06:27

I am a Parry Sit!

by Morbitz

I lost my inky stick so i had to keep all the stuff that happened in my head... it's hard!
I already told you about the tree people and the shiny drinks with lots of colours! But i gots more to tell you. When me and DOC TOR had a go at BEWYCAT Dwarf PCTOO! That's the sound i make when i spit! I spit at the floor this time, so no inky stick messings.
That ugly stunty told us that he didn't care about the tree people and that they don't want us to work better... so we decided we ain't workin at all!!
SOD IM! After we went to the bar and met the blue hair elfs! I don't remember everything that happened coz i was... what did FEDRAZ call it?
ah sold??? YES i was AH SOLD! Coz i drank too much shiny oil drinks! But they asked us to look at a building and they wanted us to take something from this building! Now i'm very good at gettin into places and taking things that don't belong to me! So at some point i'm gonna walk in and get it... with everybody's help!
Now i did a naughty thing when we first got on DAXOO!!! That's a PILLA NET! We've all gots these sticks that have things on them, they go into zappy buzz buzz tellys and tell every stunty what we are and where we is! AND I NICKED ONE OFF THE SODDING ORCS! They were nasty too us and so i knicked it, but after they was nasty and we beat em everyone was nice to them. The orcs were nice back... but i was not...
I kept the stick... and i get it now... i did bad... and now im sad... my stoopid eyes gots water comin out now! I told DOC TOR VICE and he said it's ok, i did it to help my mates! so he took the stick and gave it to one of his shiny arm tails and it lobbed aaaaaalllll da way to place we are not.
He said i don't need TOOLBAGS... that TOOLBAGZ looks after me but now so does DOC TOR and the JACKET MAN and FEDRAZ! He said they can be my TOOLBAGS... heheh! I can't fit inside them! SILLY DOC TOR!
I feel a bit sad still... hope that orc finds his stunty stick

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  1. I am a Parry Sit!
  2. I am Morbitz. I have Angzitty.