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Fri 25th Jan 2019 02:57

I am Morbitz. I have Angzitty.

by Morbitz

I am Morbitz.
I am in prison... on a planet. That's a big round thing full of people... usually dwarves.
I don't like dwarves... they are small... but not smaller than me... but they are fatter!
I found some mates in a cage. One of them gave me a jacket, another gave me a funny look... but the best one gave me ANGZITTY!!!
He is ... i think it's spelt DOC TOR VICE! He sounds funny, he was nice to me and told me i was scared, my scared is called ANGZITTY. I didn't know scared had names, but i have one. My new mates were shouted at by a bunch of orcs... ugly green buggers! not like me... i'm A door rabble! The big orcs were mean to my new friends and i felt so brave because of my new jacket, my funny look and my ANGZITTY!
So i pissed on the orcs!
They were so mad!... i wonder if their mad has a name?
Anyway the dwarf prison chief gave us all a shiny stick! i like shiny sticks so i kept mine safe, then we went back to our cage and the orcs were waiting for us! My jacket friend and DOC TOR knocked them right out! DOC TOR gave one of them a righ jab in the back guts! it was great!
The mate who gives me a funny look... i think he said his name was Fee...Fod? Fed?...FEDRAZ!
FEDRAZ screamed and socked an orc right in the chin! Fedraz was madder than any orc i've seen!
I tried to fight too... but i'm so quick i nicked the orcs shiny stick! Then i climbed back to my cage attacking every orc i saw! Toolbags would have been proud!
I have a big toolbags that i love! he's my bestest friend, i sit in him and we walk around smashing things and building things! I built him from scrap!
And from things that don't belong to me... I didn't steal them, they just don't belong to me. That's why the dwarves put me in prison... they don't like it when someon makes things better than them... especially someone who is smaller... and not fatter!
But Toolbags is bigger and fatter but he has a secret! SSSSSHHHHH! I SPEAK TO HIS BRAIN... he has a brain in his head and it bubbles and gurgles! I speak to it and it bubbles back! He is the real power in Toolbags!
Me and my friends are going to a forest.... hope there is scrap there! Toolbags is coming too, my friends love him! One of them wants us to help him build something. Yes Fedraz! he wants mine and Toolbags help! And we might help.... we might give him a shiny orc stick... or we might keep it. Tomorrow we're going to the forest and someone's town... It's good to be sleeping in toolbagses belly again, i bought him a few new bitz for the bitz bit in his leg bags!
I haven't told Toolbags i have ANGZITTY! yet... I want to surprise him! I told DOC TOR about his brain and that i speak to it.... maybe one day it will speak back to me... unless bubbles is how it speaks...
I might learn Bubbles for our next speaking... i might be able to write my next die ree in bubbles!!!

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