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Pari khan'Shald

Refined wildlife biologist with a specialty in eldritch and arcane-influenced ecologies. Currently wandering through an unexplored tropical jungle and "forgetting" about contacting her ethics committee.

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Thu 14th Jul 2022 02:12

Doctor's Orders

by Pari khan'Shald

The following are my suggestions for how the Cult of the White Serpent should conduct itself following my departure from Salaq, since I will no longer be available to directly aid reparation efforts. While I speak not as a physiologist, as an herbalist and vaeýzarë of some amount of talent, I hope that these notes are at all of aid in the coming months. While I cannot speak for how to run daily operations, I believe my insight might be at least somewhat beneficial.
Firstly: All the citizens surrounding Salaq and its immediate areas will likely be experiencing the effects of long-term heavy metal poisoning, specifically of aerosolized iron within the nightly bloodmist. Small children and those with already compromised immune or respiratory systems will be the most visible sufferers of acute iron poisoning, but keep an especial eye out for the following symptoms over the course of time:
-Long-term nausea
-Trouble with bowel movements
-Stomach pain, or difficulty bending at the waist
-General lethargy or fainting spells
As this is a case of poisoning, the common magical spellforms for panacea will easily remove the metal painlessly and instantly from the body. In more severe cases, lesser restorative treatments may be required. If magical treatment cannot be spared, the leaves of bloodberry vines can be pressed for oil and then diluted into a 1:3 ratio with fresh water, and then diluted further with a 1:4 ratio of wine or other edible sterilizing mixture. For cases of long-term effects mentioned above, two sips every other day should prove effective, remonitored fortnightly to determine whether symptoms have completely subsided. I will leave notes regarding the closest and best harvesting sites within the nearby Shar, as well as stake a trellis within the Cult's apothecary garden for future long-term stocking. Notes on caretaking will be given.
Secondly: In direst emergencies, curative elixirs can save a man from death, but they are often considered prohibitively expensive to acquire, and take some active effort and talent to brew. I have spent some time researching local herblore and have discovered that the main ingredient in most Sharan Peninsula curative elixirs is derived from the pulped leaves of the salvira plant, which was believed to be endemic to the soil of the Shar. After research, I determined that it was the quality of soil in the Shar that can be reproduced within a city, and especially within potted and contained specimens, though it takes some amount of upkeep. The soil of the salvira must be very loamy and easily drained, and requires large amounts of bone or limestone to provide supplemental nutrients to encourage proper growth and flowering. Humidity can be reached using a colleague's invention, the "Mistinator (pp)", which I will ensure he supplies the Cult before we leave for Qesrir. The leaves must be kept moist, but do not need constant watch. For best harvest, cut the leaf one quarter measurement from the main stem to encourage bisection.
In the event of an inability to grow the salvira locally, I have marked the same map aforementioned with good harvest-spots, and marked it elsewhere nearest the border and Salaq where I believe cultivation can be encouraged within its natural habitat but without much danger or time needed for journeying.
Finally: In the rarest occasion that your vaeýzarë find themselves free of obligations for the day, please encourage them to create magical scrolls or potions, so that they may have stores for the future in emergencies such as this. I have done all that I can for you in the immediate interim, and I hope that it at least in part was able to alleviate the pressure from you as your organization reordered itself after the attacks. If there are ever any questions you would like to ask, or ever any dire emergency you believe I may be of help with, I may currently be found stationed in Qesrir with the Al Zaresh Academy, and may always be contacted in the normal magical methods, and promise to always respond promptly to such missives. Additionally, my work on the magical theory of using eldritch spellforms to encourage greater harvests and healthier plant growth without leaching nutrients from the soil surrounding the area is available to read from the Grand Rookery, as is the rest of my publications.

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    05 Jun 2022 04:40:48
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    14 Jul 2022 02:12:40

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Doctor's Orders

The following are my suggestions for how the Cult of the White Serpent should conduct itself following my departure from Salac, since I will no longer be available to directly aid reparation efforts. While I speak not as a physiologist, as an herbalist an...

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