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Session VII - ...balls of them all

by Shosuro Genjiro

-25th of Hare - 6th of Dragon, 1157-

Chiyoko and Akemi have no issues lining up the cook, talk with Moshi Masako and get her lined up, as well as the foodstuffs that were asked for. Genjiro lines up with wine from the village recommended by Itaru.

When it comes into looking to the supplies between Toshi no Naisho and Koso Mura, the difficulties are just described as shipping issues, but get quickly sorted out. In Toshi no Naisho, goods outside of the province are easy to come by and priced reasonably. Outside Toshi no Naisho, goods from the province are easy to come by and priced reasonably. The access and pricing are opposite otherwise. The conflict between the southern and northern dock workers isn't the cause, but is going to become a serious problem down the line as the imported samurai start wanting more of the imported goods. Prior to the last governor's death, there had not been the brawls and riots reported in the docks now. Dockmaster peasants should be part of preventing it, as well as a bunch of peasant doshin to keep them in line. The samurai in charge should be someone assigned by the governor or gokinen. No specific person from the old governor's entourage in charge. Shiba Himitsu, advisor to the deceased governor is the merchant patron - responsible for the merchants, and had some experience with the dock folks. Been doing this for about 7 years, since 1150.

Kazue and Genjiro go to see Himitsu to ask about the current situation at the docks, as well as the original setup. He does have some experience with them. There have been problems since Hiromoto-sama's death, since both harbor masters think there should be only one. Most of the difficulties with the current dock workers stems from that. Under Izuna's leadership, they simply have been trying to maintain course as it was until guidance from clan leadership. The harbor masters have taken that lattitude to cause trouble. Hiramoto-sama did not make the two harbor master setup; it just has always been, at least for the least several hundred years. Nothing tribal about it as far as he is aware - they are all the Takanobu tribe. He doesn't think either of the harbor masters would be more responsible than the other for the current state of affairs - believes it is simply the lack of governor that has allowed this situation to get out of hand. He has had more dealings with Shuzo, southern harbor master, than the northern one. As to the difficulties of the goods getting into the province, he believes its mainly tribalism - the Takanobu see themselves as superior to the others since they brought the others to heel militarily and see themselves as more civilized. Since Koso Mura is mainly the Yamataru and Morikawa Tribe, they have always had some heavy hands on the trading. The abbots have influence, whatever the tribe, for their chosen reflection of faith. Ask if there are any other troubles he's aware of? None he can think of at the moment for the merchants, aside from the difficulties with imported goods. Thinks that is also an opportunity for the governor; more importors. Asks what the governor's intention of the establishment of other merchant arm or patron? Genjiro says it is likely, with all the new samurai and them being here for a long time, but recommends he submit any concerns and recommendations to Ansho-sama; likely nothing will happen before the festival.

Haundo says to make sure that we put magistrates in the two ports, which will make sure we're tracking. We'll keep the two harbormasters in place as per the governor. We may should have something on the river to police that at some point as well. We go speak with Ansho-sama; Sou tells him we've done more investigation into the coming and going of goods, and recommends assigning two magistrates to help re-establish the authority that should be their since the governor's death and keep the goods flowing. He notes we haven't named any clan magistrates yet, but plans to start doing it over the next few weeks. There will be a pool submitted by the clans, but Ansho-sama is also open to our recommendations for those magistrates. The one Phoenix magistrate is out roaming still; expected back in a week or two. All named villages should have at least 1 named magistrate; after 500 people, at least 2; Koso Mura and Toshi no Naisho needs more with multiple in each district. Probably more than 1 in Panchu Mura or imperial legion there; same with Shijuku Mura. And a handful to roam the province itself. Probably need 3 dozen magistrates in total.

Major magistrate positions:

  • 2; 1 to each port - recommendation - Kitsuki Umeji (Southern port), Lion recommendation (Northern port) (To be handled between sessions)

  • 1 to samurai quarter of Toshi no Naishu

  • Couple to each village at edge of province (Panchu, Shijuku, Shuju Mura)

  • 1 to Koso Mura Samurai quarter

  • Kazue goes and becomes familiar with the abbotts in Toshi no Naishou, Okimoto. Talks with him about current situation of the people. In times of strife, the greatest concern is survival. He has spoken with Ansho-sama, and is impressed with his passion and drive for peace. But he is concerned that the competition betweent the clans to curry his favor could impact the people in his care. Talks about the clans, and their different approaches to their heritage. Doesn't believe it rises to the level of animosity, but mainly just refusal to be associated with each other, maybe some yelling. Things have been worse lately, but seems to be from the void in leadership. Koso Mura is taoist, the rest of the province mainly fortunist, so tension there. Kazue gets the impression that he believes firm and even leadership and stability amongst the samurai will settle out the current elevated tensions.

    Genjiro continues to learn the filing system and documentation of the manor to look into the report that should have been filed from Panchu Mura on the death of the monk.

    Things in the kitchen are mildly tense, but do not seem to get out of situation.

    Ansho-sama asks for the order of the gift giving. Sou thinks giving Phoenix the first pick of time, then a day later let each other delegation get to have a lot drawn by Iaimiko 3 days before; Ansho-sama likes the idea.Phoenix choose to go last; then Mantis go first, then Crab, Crane, Unicorn, Dragon, Lion, Minor Clans, Scorpion.

    Soshi Masami is the 1st company commander of the Scorpion legion, assigned as Genjiro's escort by Itaru.

    -7th of Dragon-

    Each individual group shows up with all attendees. The first event is the gift giving. The Mantis - Yoritomo Etsuko (who remains stylishly yet scandalously dressed) - presents Tsuruchi bounty hunters placed at the governor's disposal to help with the law enforcement situation in the province (not much of a crowd reaction). The Crab - Yasuki Aiko - offers all the Kaui engineers (6) that will be placed at the disposal of the governor to help with infrastructure in the province (most onlookers impressed). The Crane - Doji Shunpei - offer up another Crane theatre troupe to be migrated to and tour the province in the next few years, a gift of the arts to the province (not much of a reaction, as expected). The Unicorn - Ide Ojong - offer a pledge to map the mountain passes north of the Taru Mountains and answer if there is a pass to Gaijin lands, and if so what is beyond them (some general amusement at this). The Dragon - Miramoto Hajitsu - pledge to support monetarily and personnel all the temples of the province to ensure they are cared for, fully funded, and have what they need (lots of nods, what was expected). The Lion - Ikoma Zenkichi - build and turn over fortifications to all the provinces' significant rice stores (not much reaction). The Minor - Kasuga Itsuko - swear to cleanse the curse of Ichinori Mura (amusement at this). The Scorpion - Bayushi Itaru - pledge a license under the Soshi cartel for an opium license to provide a good tax base to the province for the support and survival of everyone in it (a lot of derision, and some surprised Scorpion courtiers). The Phoenix - Asako Izuna - they offer up the collected history of the province to the good of all and will send their scholars through-out the province to collect the new information (another was expected). Ansho-sama graciously accepts all the gifts (seemed especially pleased with the Lion and the Minor, not happy with the Scorpion gift).

    The art. Doji Takozawa's art is all incredible, all beautiful, all landscapes. Moshi Masako's art is quite good, with a lot going on, and a variety of anti-Crane clan themes that are evident. Iuchi Lassat's works have a real vibrance or life to them; the kami in her sculptures seem to be particularly active in the impact of it. Kakita Amihiko's ikebana are impressive displays; some of the best many have seen.

    Ansho announces the magistrate choices we've selected so far - the Dragon and Lion are pleased.

    Mingling occurs. Ichiro Oichi (Kasuga Hitsuko's bodyguard) approaches Haundo for conversation; heard a bit of his rep, and was impressed by it. Curious how he ended up servering Miya Ansho. He explains how he serves Kuni Taka, who is serving Ansho-sama. Itaru talks with Genjiro and asks his opinion of Doji Ayumi. Genjiro gives that aside from their first meeting that Itaru was at, he's heard the has earned her place as a great warrior and leader; Itaru agrees that she is a great general. Kitsune Sezaru talks with Sou and Yukika about the supernatural - everybody thinks there's a portal to jigoku in the swamp, and one to shikaku at the bend in the river, one reported in the swamp. No reliable of the earlier races in the area; seen the same info Sou has that there are perhaps Ninyo in the river, trolls in the swamp. Sou also talks with Lassat to complement her on the statues, and she's very interested in hearing about the Kitsune artisans. Amihiko is far more enthused about her Ikebana than performance when Sou compliments it; seems she's acting out of familial obligation. Isawa Suzuhiho, the Phoenix magistrate for Naishou, finds Kazue and introduces herself. Offers to meet tomorrow or the day after to talk about important matters, as well as answer Kazue's questions about the province - some place private and discrete, like the palace, our estate, or her quarters.

    Kazue notices Doji Shunpei upset about something and looking around, studying the crowd. She tells Genjiro and Sou; Genjiro doesn't want to immediately antagonize Shunpei with his presence, so Sou asks Iaimiko to go with him to speak with Shunpei. Shunpei says everything is good, but Sou notices him reaching towards the center of chest, then stops when he realizes the gesture. Iaimiko comments that Shunpei doesn't seem very good at this; Sou agrees. Shunpei has a Crane pendant that was given to him by Kakita Kaiten, and is very proud of; has spoken of often. The crew remembers him having it earlier when gifts were presented; small silver necklace, silver crane in flight. While considering how to even look for the Crane pendant, Genjiro notices a Crane and Scorpion are looking around a bit in the garden. Very quickly there after, they disappear behind a hedge. It was Doji Miro and Bayushi Kenzo - both young samurai put forward as magistrates that came with the legions. It is not far from the bushes here to the palace itself. See the entrance that bush would lead to at the palace; collect Junko and head to that entrance. Other people are about, no obvious sign of them at that hallway. Ask a servant; points in the direction down another hallway (and Genjiro believes them). Happens a few more times to an emptier area of the palace, where no more servants, and no-one down that way. Listens; hears something in that direction, and go check in that direction. Find a hastily abandoned futon; rather than pursue, Genjiro returns to the party.

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