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Embre Shifting

Level 5 Fire Genasi Artificer
(Guild Artisan)
/ 31 HP

A deadly poisoner from Ibral's Northern coasts and capable alchemist

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Zahar Gathol
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Tue 26th May 2020 09:29

Why the Fuck I'm in this Frozen Ass Mountain

by Embre Shifting

Well, I'm fucking here
So, sidle up you fucking degenerate and let me tell you the story of why the fuck I'm hiding in one of the biggest cities at the ass end of the earth. Oh, and rest assured, if this gets out, I'll turn your fucking insides outside... Tempt me, I always wanted to see what unpurified Hydra Blood would do to a person.
So, I got me born in Sokola, down in Ibral, and well, the bloodsuckers ain't a huge fan of my kind. This was well after their wars of aggression, so don't mind none about the fact that my folks were still living there. They don't like us cause they can't drink us dry. They were makin' a land grab, typical bastards and we were a small village. Easy nuff. Well, they didn't take to me and my family making a run for it too well, especially after one o' the younger suckers took a bite anyway, drained my brother dry afore he started to burn up.
Yup, officially persona non grata in Ibral, fun times. Anyways, Me and my family, ma, pa, Older brother, Two younger brothers that ain't died, and three sisters, well we end up on a caravan north. You ever run into a 'van owner name of Kayden Ibn Ayshun, big fuckin' troll of a man, feel free to run 'im through, tell him embre says hello. Sold the lot of us into slavery, Night he came with his slavers though, My ma pushed me under the back o' the tent n told me and the others to run. Don't know what happened to the rest, My bro, he was supposed to lead us, but I got lost in the woods out near Ven... Venedhur.
Lost, hungry, Alone. I got myself to an inn, keep took pity on me. Let me work for my supper. I hung out at a place called the Pig's Guts Inn for a few years, lookin' for my family. Never heard nothin, seems in that time, I'd picked up an admirer. Ven's own Roach King, no lies, he ain't a king of nothin' more than a scrap heap. Likes to call himself that to make hisself feel important.
Anyways, yes, I'm gettin' to it. Impatient little fuckin' bastard.
Well, he thought my smarts might come in some use for him, so I spent my young days, mighta been 10 or 13 winters, sneakin' and spying for him while I worked at the Pig's Guts. 'ventually, he figerred to put my smarts to better use. Fostered me out to a friend of his.
Yes, this is the important part. I trained under an alchemist, name of Adrozahl... Well, he got hisself a hold of a real pretty book, something I've got kicking about, No I ain't tellin' you where, It's safe. Well, that little book got itself banned, mighta been 17 or so at the time. Though, they didn't find out he had nothing for another year, just in time for me to get ready for my journeyman's. Twas two weeks till I was supposed to go a wanderin' when the tinheads showed up, sayin' they was gonna search the place. Well, that wasn't so good for old Addie. He had more than a few things he wasn't supposed to have had, not beside this book. Well, You ever mix Balor Blood with a fire elemental's heart? Turns out, It goes up like a treat.
When the lab blew to the fuckin' Astral Plane, I ran for the old man's study, snatched up the book and my Journeyman's letter and ran into the night, didn't have much but the clothes on my back. My way wasn't exactly easy, but I made a bit of coin on the road up, got myself kitted and got as far from Ven as I could.
Look, I know it's the capital, but it's big, anonymous and far from anyone who knew me, so hopefully I can practice my art.

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Why the Fuck I'm in this Frozen Ass Mountain

Well, I'm fucking here...

06:21 am - 26.05.2020

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