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A Legend is Born

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Aeolia
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In a land of Old Gods and New, a land where the fabric of reality is thinning and demons crawl the earth, the world cries out for a hero. But who will answer that call?

This story is told by



  • Aeolia
  • Forgotten Treasures Dungeon Map
  • Hitherwhere
Supporting Cast
  • Ms Ella Farn
    Barmaid at the Eerie Myst Tavern
  • Fred Blogs
    Smith in the vilalge of Fulverstead, likes bees. Fancies Ellen the bard
  • Healer Fred Bearstow
    Fred Bearstow is well named, a man more bearlike than any human should really be. In addition to his obsession with peanut butter (he always has some around his mouth) he also curates a fine collection of weapons, around which is gruff manner becomes immediately paternal and caring.
  • Jason Barns
    Deep, rouhg voice. Angry with the NPCs for stealing apples from his orchard. Always rubbing his nose.
  • Joe Blogs
    Barman at the Rusty tavern
  • Sir Julius Fulversted
  • Sir Orrous McGuiver
    Vice President of Beeston. Slimy, melodious voice. Rich blue robes.

Session 2: Into the Darkness

Sessions Archive

3rd Mar 2020

Session 4 - The Darkness Blinks

At the end of Session 3, it seemed like the Cult of Darkness was on the run for the first time. What will happen now that you are chasing them into the shadows?

26th Nov 2019

Auspicious Beginnings, Part 2

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7th Oct 2019

Auspicious Beginnings

Who knows what lurks in the dark hearts of men, or the dark things which manipulate them from the beyond...

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The Protagonists


Level 1 Half-Tabaxi CG Rogue
/ 8 HP

Master Healer Will Hayward

Level 1 Hobbit CG Scholar
/ 45 HP

Leander Greenriver

Level 1 Tiefling NG Paladin
(Knight of St Osserwary)
21 / 12 HP