Blood Isn't Grey

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Miranse
March 2018 | Full
With the lifespan of its ruler no longer open to doubt, the city readies for what is to follow. His death sees a new time in which those who have gained prominence, may well take a position of influencing the city's next steps.   As well, there are those who while less prominent, are no less... interested. These persons will likely play their parts in what follows. Embassies prepare to manoeuvre within a changed landscape, knowing that fortunes will be won, while fortune disavows others. Organisations founded on self-determined principles or borrowed teachings, muster their strengths. All the while, the nation that formerly ruled Spansis, watches the developments keenly from not-so-distant Iorinth.

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Sun 3rd February 2019 11:00

Session 13: A Civil Service

Cabourne emerges from the treaty talks with the Iorinthan representative with a mandate for power. The Iorinthan Gate Guard will be reduced in number from ten thousand to nine hundred. This number will be reviewed in a year's time to determine whether the reduction has been successful. Further changes may be possible on this anniversary.   Cabourne will have to send delegations to Iorinth every one hundred days for the first three years. This will serve to create stronger and positive bonds between the two groups.   Spansis will be free to pursue its own diplomatic treaties with other nations. The heralds will grant Spansis full standing. This means military rights are guaranteed and Cabourne can retain his troops.     Belringer's force has left Spansis, unlikely to soon return. Their route follows the Road. Commanding the troops is, Colonel Turbulent. There is some opinion that this force should be bolstered, as it will likely become engaged with the Churl brigades of Kelud.

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6th Jan 2019

Session 12: Nothing Personal

Cantriq may be the prototypical 'woman scorned'. Nonetheless, she commits to taking the fight to the forces of Kelud and their master, Deignghaul. This will do a favour for Maldon, at least in the sense that Belringer's troops will be diverted away from a strong foothold in Spansis. Definitely a 'two birds, one arrow' situation.     While this eases some of the situational complexity, there are still many aspects of the day that need to be considered. Between them, Osric and Maldon will need to have an idea of where they are headed, lest they be swept up in events too momentous to resist...

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31st Dec 2018

Session 11: A Light Extinguished, A Fire Lit

As the city of Spansis readies for the resolution of the siege, Maldon and Osric determine to deal with the national forces of Iorinth, Kelud and the army of Belringer.   In doing so they will see two of these groups dealt with through diplomatic means, while the other will be removed as an active component, through means most unforeseen. . .

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11th Feb 2018

Escape from Fortress Sax

The Houses of Chaos form interesting partnerships.