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Se02Ep26 - Hide and Seek

General Summary

The players headed back to The City of Brass trying to find out what Axam knew. After interrogating Rafeek and Nazim they determined that it wasn't worth the effort to try and find Axam and extract justice for themselves.   Discussing their options for forging a weapon to assault Gazra pit fiend general of the fourth plane of hell they came up with two gems. Using a simulacrum to craft the weapon and using a fire elemental to temper the Gazrian Ore.   Miles, Rodger Lastname, and Ark followed up on the name given to @miles from the Lady in Blue, Chufa Um Sophanie, by trying to enter a women's only apartment complex, The Ubaydulah Tower magic carpet only to be spurned from the landing area atop The Ubaydulah Tower  



Complete this sentence and tell us about it: I wish I had someone with whom I could share...

Rodger Lastname Rodger wishes he had someone with whom he could share a romantic evening at a nice restaurant. He misses his wife and children dearly.     Sambra I wish I had someone with whom I could share a bouncy castle! Next time I toss down my mansion, we are all going to jump around in a fancy bouncy castle... Once you bounce, you'll never want to leave!   Lostin Lostin has found someone to share his life and adventures with, toes. The two have fromed a bond unlike anything he has ever imagine.   Miles Miles wishes he had someone to share his fear with. He fears he isnt doing right by his god and not following her commands, he fears that one day he will wake with no power and no love from his god

Rewards Granted

1 XP for simulacrum and such
+1 XP under 16

Character(s) interacted with

rafeek that he will never leave the City of Brass
nazim - greatest fear chaos

Created Content

Bazaar of Beggars 
Freeman’s Tower 
Azra bint Zarif

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8 / 8 HP

Rodger Lastname

Level 15/3 Tiefling Chaotic Good Rogue/Fighter
(Criminal (Smuggler))
/ 96 HP
Report Date
08 Sep 2020
Primary Location
City of Brass

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