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Blood Wars of Sanguera

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Sanguera
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Sessions Archive

4th Nov 2020

Se03EpH2 - Last Train to Limbo

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28th Oct 2020

Se03EpH1 - Strangeness on a train

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20th Oct 2020


While doing Auntie Fleta's‌ dirty work, the party learned some information. The nation of Kaspin‌ may not know the truth about the Doorkickers involvement in the flooding of Kaspin‌ . New Kaspin‌ is under contention by the Red Hag‌ , the noble houses, and the local gangs. Burgermaster Ral Glulav, while not the most passionate or honest, seemed genuinely concerned about the murderous Redcap‌ that had invaded his town.   With the witches tasks behind them, the group stays another night in the Old Crow tavern awaiting the sunrise an their trek Into the Doomvault‌.

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13th Oct 2020

Se02Ep31 - Working the Witches Web

After finding out the status of Ark's father's soul, the party must be mindful to stay in the present and continue Into the Doomvault aiding Auntie Fleta with her tasks.

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6th Oct 2020

Se02Ep30 - Water World

Seeking escape from the Arena of Souls the Doorkickers split the party! Surveying the ocean above Rodger, Ark, and Sambra were engulfed in a magical net immediately upon teleporting and were being drug to the surface; finally getting to the surface, we find what has become of Sanguera.

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30th Sep 2020

Se02Ep29 - Home Sweet Home

Returning from their planar adventures, the doorkickers seek old 'friends' to help them accomplish their goals.

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22nd Sep 2020

Se02Ep28 - War is Hell

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15th Sep 2020

Se02Ep27 - killin' time

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8th Sep 2020

Se02Ep26 - Hide and Seek

Where has Axam gone?

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1st Sep 2020


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25th Aug 2020

Se02Ep24 Into the fire

I'm falling again

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18th Aug 2020


more from the maze

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11th Aug 2020


To the Abyss!

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4th Aug 2020


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28th Jul 2020


Having rescued Orgreg the party travels by train to his lair.

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21st Jul 2020

Se02Ep19 So close

Is this the end? Probably not...

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14th Jul 2020


Save the Ki-rin

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7th Jul 2020


Who's side are they on?

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23rd Jun 2020


In the pits part 3

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16th Jun 2020

Se02Ep015 - The wrong Ultroloth

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24th Feb 2020


field of nettles part two

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The Protagonists

Seom Rando



/ -5 HP

Ark Greyhaven

Rodger Lastname

Level 15/3 Tiefling Chaotic Good Rogue/Fighter
(Criminal (Smuggler))
/ 96 HP

Kerrick Greyhaven