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A Preponderance of Frauds

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Rivendom
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Supporting Cast
  • Korua Matanea
    A cleric of the storm-goddess Renata who has decided to accompany the Wardens of the Wayward founding members on their quest to save the multiverse at the expense of his homeland Shatterspear

Scheduled Sessions

Fri 14th June 2019 17:00

APoF 56: Catching Fire

After meaningful conversations on the long journey north to the next major city, the group, upon receiving news that the uprising is not going as well as hoped, decides that the city is to be the next target of their rabble-rousing.

Sessions Archive

31st May 2019

APoF 55: Cost of Dissent

After overthrowing the aristocratic establishment of Amano'e, the group must decide whether to turn back and aid the people, now sure to be oppressed under the yoke of military rule, or continue on their journey.

24th May 2019

APoF 54: Fomenting Rebellion

After arriving to witness the plight of the refugees from Hururunu'oa, the party decides that it is high time to give the nobles a taste of their own medicine, using the power of rumor to direct the disdain of the people.

17th May 2019

APoF 53: The Unburnt

After their confrontation with the manifestation of primal fire in Hururuno'oa, the party sets out to the north, continuing their quest to reach the capital and sink Shatterspear beneath the waves before Galbad arrives and the very fabric of fate begins to unravel.

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18th May 2018

APoF 17: The Labyrinth

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11th May 2018

APoF 16: Rocky Rematch

Having made their way to the overgrown banquet hall, the group knows now that their goal, the Rockwurm, is within their reach.

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4th May 2018

APoF 15: Mezmin, Great-Best Hunter of the Grolm-Folk

After discussing plans for how to take on the rockwurm, as well as coming clean about their respective visions, the group must now journey forth, getting ever closer to their final quarry.

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27th Apr 2018

APoF 14: The Shadow of Doubt

Having decided to brave the maze in the bright hall, the party comes to the realization that there are wounds that can be inflicted without harming the physical form.

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21st Apr 2018

APoF 13: A Hall of Mirrors

Believing that the other paths ahead of them are insurmountable for their present strength, the party decides to venture into the maze in the bright hall, only to find that there may be trials of an entirely different kind awaiting them in the twisted halls

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13th Apr 2018

APoF 12: Into Darkness

Having breached the gates of Kassar and having helped the Dominion take control of the city, the party must now return to the depths to address the danger that has only grown since last they were there.

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6th Apr 2018

APoF 11: Storming the Gates

Nalaa slain, and Zephyros on the path to recovery, the party has finally reached their destination: the Dominion settlement of Thirë Kelmar. What awaits them there, they do not know yet, but they hope that they can enlist the Dominion's aid in thwarting the threat festering in the dwarvenholds beneath Kassar.

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16th Mar 2018

APoF 10: The Pain of Healing

With Avarash and one of the other party members banished to another plane of existence, the remaining members have a massive fight on their hands. They eventually succeed, but not without a price. Subjected to intense torture, even if only for a short time, Zeph is nearly broken by Nalaa and now must begin the painful process of recovery.   Fortunately, he has friends that are willing to help.

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9th Mar 2018

APoF 9: The Verdant Death

Having proven their strength and their merit to the Veshka, the party, along with Avarash and the warriors of the tribe mounted their assault on the self-styled queen of the Ironspike Woods, only to be met with more resistance than they anticipated.   Only when Mordollwen was banished was the traitorous nature of Nalaa revealed, and it dawned on the party that he battle has only just begun.

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2nd Mar 2018

APoF 8: The Poisoned Grove

When they arrived at the village of IldLuwan, they found a town that had been attacked by raiders. Feeling honor-bound to help, the party decided to pursue the perpetrators of the crime, finding, much to their dismay, that things were not quite as they seemed.

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23rd Feb 2018

APoF 7: Into the Ironspike Woods

Fleeing from corruption in the highest echelons of Rasaak's government and spiritual institutions who refuse to address the growing danger in the dwarvenholds, the party sets its sights on the Dominion settlement of Thirë Kelmar to hopefully earn the support of the Dominion and set things straight in Kasaar

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16th Feb 2018

APoF 6: Bargains and Summons

Unsurprisingly, joining battle with the rockwurm doesn't end up too well, and ultimately, the party fails to take it down. But once it retrieves its soothestone, it retreats to its nest, taking the rest of the Shardscape creatures with it and leaving the party with the spoils of their exploration.

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9th Feb 2018

APoF 5: Rockwurm Falls...

And, surprisingly, no one important dies.   But the battle is far from over. In fact, the Rockwurm seems even more incensed than ever at the soothestone remaining out of its reach, and the party has quite the fight on its hands.

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2nd Feb 2018

APoF 4: Soothestones and Bad Choices

With the tearing open of a Shardscape rift in the middle of the subterranean city, the party finds itself in more danger than it signed up for, but have no choice but to stay and try to deal with the danger for the time being. However, not everyone thinks that they will be able to take on the Rockwurm effectively.

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26th Jan 2018

APoF 3: Enter the Rockwurm

Thanks to Zephyros' barricade, the party is able to take a long peaceful rest in the remains of the garden, but they know that they can't stay there forever. There is more to be explored, and, unfortunately, more danger to contend with.

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19th Jan 2018

APoF 2: Exits are for Losers

Having decided not to attempt to find their way around a broken bridge, the party decides that the best course of action is to descend further into the depths to explore what lies there, only to find that the abandoned dwarvenholds are not as empty as they should be.

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1st Jan 2018

APoF 1: The Journey Begins

Drawn together by their own exceptional circumstances, a small group of friends decides to set off on the adventure that will change the trajectory of their lives and bind their fates together more than they could possibly comprehend.

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The Protagonists

Alesana Dwric


Theris Silverfrond

Goddess Of Orphans Mordollwen


Ailos Tepes

Tullion Roth


Dragonslayer Sadida Ocala