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Space Jazz CU

A Cypher System game In the world of Space Jazz
| Looking for Players
This is the CU Discord campaign tracker, It is open group you just need to join a Party.   If you want to join just shout out on the discord hey I want to join Space Jazz please!

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  • Solar System
Supporting Cast

Scheduled Sessions

Thu 10th March 2022 19:00

Session Zero Space Cowboy.

Sessions Archive

24th Apr 2022

Mars is a good place to be from

12th Apr 2022

Meet on Ganymede

13th Mar 2022

Session Zero Sunday

The Protagonists

Ivan Sakorski

Ivan Sakorski is a Tough Warrior who Needs No Weapon of Tier 1 and 0 XP.

Dylan Barr

Dylan is a Impulsive Explorer who Works the System of Tier 1 and 0 XP.

Harper Cobs

Harper Cob is a Empathic Warrior who Metes Out Justice of Tier 1 and 0 XP.

Harper Cobs


Johnny "The Mouth" [REDACTED] is a Craven Speaker who Is Hated by Millions of Tier 1 and 2 XP.

Johny Tsunami

Johny Tsunami is a Charming Speaker who Is Idolized by Millions of Tier 1 and 0 XP.

Cleopatra Black

Cleopatra Black is a Sharp Eyed Explorer who Operates Undercover of Tier 1 and 0 XP.

Bertrand Grau

Bertrand Grau Cypher System is a Naive Speaker who Conducts Weird Science of Tier 1 and 3 XP.

Fillius Brax

Filius Brax is a Brash Speaker who Is Wanted By The Law of Tier and 0 XP.

Franz Holiday

Franz Holiday is a Boosted Explorer who Is Wanted by the Law of Tier 1 and 1 XP.