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A Cypher System game In the world of Space Jazz
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  • Solar System
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Scheduled Sessions

Thu 10th March 2022 19:00

Session Zero Space Cowboy.

Sessions Archive

24th Apr 2022

Mars is a good place to be from

12th Apr 2022

Meet on Ganymede

13th Mar 2022

Session Zero Sunday

This is the CU Discord campaign tracker, It is open group you just need to join a Party.   If you want to join just shout out on the discord hey I want to join Space Jazz please!

This story is told by

The Protagonists

Ivan Sakorski

Ivan Sakorski is a Tough Warrior who Needs No Weapon of Tier 1 and 0 XP.

Dylan Barr

Dylan is a Impulsive Explorer who Works the System of Tier 1 and 0 XP.

Harper Cobs

Harper Cob is a Empathic Warrior who Metes Out Justice of Tier 1 and 0 XP.

Harper Cobs


Johnny "The Mouth" [REDACTED] is a Craven Speaker who Is Hated by Millions of Tier 1 and 2 XP.

Johny Tsunami

Johny Tsunami is a Charming Speaker who Is Idolized by Millions of Tier 1 and 0 XP.

Cleopatra Black

Cleopatra Black is a Sharp Eyed Explorer who Operates Undercover of Tier 1 and 0 XP.

Bertrand Grau

Bertrand Grau Cypher System is a Naive Speaker who Conducts Weird Science of Tier 1 and 3 XP.

Fillius Brax

Filius Brax is a Brash Speaker who Is Wanted By The Law of Tier and 0 XP.

Franz Holiday

Franz Holiday is a Boosted Explorer who Is Wanted by the Law of Tier 1 and 1 XP.