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Myths and Legends

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of The World
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Sponsored by an anonymous benefactor, this archeology group has found a rather interesting find. Unknown with the concept of a warforged creature, they still have difficulty believing that Tron is a sentient creature.

This story is told by

Supporting Cast
  • Conrad Rothenel
    Anti-social and awkward around humanoids, but a wonder around animals. As a single dad he tries to be a good father, but it isn't easy.
  • Ekk
    Ugly, rude and sloppy he cares for his inn as he does for his personal hygiene, or rather he doesn't.
  • Dutchess Elisana Hermaris
    The oldest in most rooms she walks in, she prefers to sit quietly in a corner observing the people around rather than engaging in conversation.
  • Gerard Bolwinkel
    Clumsy and absent-minded, he stumbles through dungeons and temples searching for the ancient myths and legends.
  • Chairman Minerva Andellian
    Quiet and to herself she does not have many friends but everyone accepts her for her fairness in how she manages the settlement.

The Protagonists

Deputy of Ayram Alusìng Erias Aedaire

king of choas Tron