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Beyond the Veil

A Homebrew / In Development game In the world of Axildusk
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Axildusk is made over by the power of at least one Noble Thought, perhaps two and these influenced by others to do so.     The world of Shadow shifts and morphs as only it can. The past is future. The present is an amalgam of what can be and what might have been. The forces of fate and destiny contest with each other. Where does the mortal eye turn and is this in the same direction as an immortal's?     At the heart of the world lies the imperial capital, Adrilankha, Jewel of the Draegeran Crown. It too is not as it should have been or was. It has undergone the same change as the world has. Disparate desires have moulded this world, peoples and places. Much changed, can these changes be made to create a greater reality? Will the changes be immutable and go forward from this point into an orderly progress? Or will the world's changeable origin force it to continue to swirl into new forms that leave it unable to proper?

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