The Animancer

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A FATE game
In the world of Aqualon

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The Year is 1620 GE

On the Seventeen Yonder Islands, great pirate houses once ruled, before the Maritime Stratocracy of Guantil-ya hunted them down and decimated their ranks. But to this day, there has always been a strong propensity for crime and magic of a... darker hue.   Little islands are littered here and there, and many of them are in legislative grey-zones, making them ideal hotbeds of what would be considered illegal activities in most places. Much of the worlds opium comes from the farms of powerful drug lords that have nested in the reaches of the Corsic Ocean and beyond.   Among these islands one has begun to become restless at night. Frightful phantasms cling to the streets, just in the corner of their eyes, and the dyke regularly breaks, flooding the streets, bringing dark tidings with it.   There is talk of monsters in the water, of the trapped souls of old pirate hordes, lead by long dead baba yagas, the pirate kings of yore.   but of course, such talk is just the product of the rural imaginations of backwater islanders... right?

Sessions List

Past Session

31st May 2018

Session 1: Defeating the Storm

Traveling aboard the Temptress, our heroes are faced with a terrifying storm that threatens to capsize them.

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24th May 2018

Session 0: finalizing Characters

Meeting up to create the Fate Core character sheets.

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  • Map of The World of Aqualon

    This world map shows the basic layout of Aqualon, most of its parts bleached out to indicate it has not been completed yet. As more and more detailed maps of the nations and locations of Aqualon become available, this grand world map will also become more and more filled out! For now it should help you see the geographic relations of some of the places described in this setting.
    Color Key for Pins
    Green - Large nation, island chain, or region
    Orange - Sub-nation or smaller island
    Blue - Capital city
    Purple - Culturally significant landmark
    Grey - Politically or economically significant landmark