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Switching Time Periods

New Feature Addition · World management · Created by NuclearWill14

What functionality is missing? What is unsatisfying with the current situation?

  I made my world with a show idea and as a show that has numerous seasons and very large dynamic changes over the entirety of the show. It’s annoying writing articles when I feel like I have to write them from the end of time. Relationships between characters change and it’s hard to decide what time to write it from. Large gaps in time makes writing articles hard as I don’t know if I should write them from the chapter they are from or from the latest chapter. Writing them from the chapter they are from makes the whole world as a whole feel disorganized but writing characters all from the very end of the shows perspective makes persistent characters hard to connect with characters that only appear in early chapters   How does this feature request address the current situation?   Being able to switch between like 4 different time periods would help organize the different time periods and more clearly illustrate what happens in different chapters rather than writing them like their ancient history.

How it could work?

Instead of having a modern day. It would be cool if we could create a new time period which has its own “modern day”. When editing articles, there could be a new section to switch between time periods. Each time period can hold different values for the templates. For instance maybe the price of an item changes from 1200 to 2020. However some parts, like the birth or death of a character could remain constant. If the death of a character preceded the modern day of a time period, or their birth came after one, the time period wouldn’t appear for that character.

Dimitri's Response

This suggestion did not achieve sufficient support   This has been one of the long term goals of World Anvil since its inception but I am not sure that you understand what this would mean for the management of a world/universe. This is an extremely difficult and complicated task that will require a complete ovehaul of the interface or an inteface of its own so standard world UI will remain unencumbered   This will require extremely high support to be implemented - way above normal levels.
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