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Timelines: Color Significance

Feature Upgrade · Timelines · Created by Tijmuhn


As a quick summarize: i propose some changes to the Timeline Color Significance system. With these changes color will no longer show the significance of an event, but the size. Just as we are used to in normal timelines. We can use the colors to categorize the historical events, so we can easily understand how the events have brought forth one another. The size will show the significance, which will make the timeline much more organised and much easier to process. Our eyes will filter the smaller events out (as our eyes+brains do when we see big extensive things). All these changes will make it much more easier to navigate through (big) Timelines. If you think this is an interesting topic, but are not convinced yet if you should give it some nice AnvilCoins. Consider reading my argumentation below. I could go even more detailed into it, but i hope my case is clear. It is already long enough :) Have a good day and please consider supporting this proposal by using your AnvilCoins! 

Timelines: Color Significance

What is the current situation:
We all know the current Timeline system, but if you do not, i will explain it to you. As it is now, the color of the historical event shows the significance of the event in your timeline. Hereby all the events are evenly big in size. If you want to connect a organization or a person to an event, this is possible, but by doing this, you increase the size of the event - in the timeline - by 1/3. In this extended space there appears a "profile picture" of the person or organisation you just added. This is super ugly, not only the weird difference in size between the events, but also the ugly vanilla "profile picture" makes the whole event ugly.
What is the problem:
As i pointed out, the addition of a organisation or person to an event makes the event look really ugly. You can fix this by adding a custom "profile picture" to the organisation/person but not everyone is able to create such pictures, thus not a good option. A other problem you fix by adding a custom picture - which is not a option for everyone - is a organised and easy view of which organisation/person is which. Right now, because every org and person has the same picture, you have to put your cursor on top of the picture to even see which org/person is referenced/connected. This makes the whole timeline so much less efficiënt. Also the lack of difference between size/shape of the events make huge timelines a pain in the ass to read and understand. Our brain has to read everything because everything seems evenly important, while it is not. Our brain is used to connect the size of something to its importance, not a color.
Possible solution for color-problem:
Make it possible for the Timeline creator to give each event a color. My preference would be using color codes, which would give us access to all colors we would ever want to use, but around 6 common colors would be fine too. This color can be used too connect historical events with one another. This way we hop through a giant timeline much more efficiently.
Possible solution for the size-problem:
With color now being used for organisation, we need another way to determine the significance of the events. I believe we should do this the way every other chart creator does this. Size. Come on, its pretty obvious why. Our brain is used to filter out smaller things because it guesses it is not important. Think about your schoolbooks. There is a reason they make the most important words BOLD. Its shape or size should determine its significance. 
What are some examples we can use this for:
Obviously we can use this color upgrade for faction/kingdom-style worlds. The creator can connect a color to a specific group of people/kingdom/faction. The reader can easily distinguish all the events from one another, just by looking at the color. But not only in these circumstances, but i believe this would be really helpful in almost all big timelines.
Example to proof my point:
Look up any good chart (Timeline, Family tree, whatever) and you will see its using this Color and Size system. It is just how we are used to read these things. Check out this one: 
You can see immediately which gods are the most important, which gods are in the same category, etc. It is just sooo much easier to understand and so much quicker to read. 

Dimitri's Response

This suggestion did not achieve sufficient support   Some of those thougths will be implemented but not on the way suggested on the upcoming minor update to timelines. The suggestion as is - is declined due to the fact that it shows no understanding of backwards compatibility and the effect it will have in already created timelines  
  • the ability to override colours will be added
  • the ability to change size will most certainly will NOT happen
  • the filtering system that was already accepted will help with the above.
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