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Kaiju Kojin

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Volume 1

In the world of The Realm of Ard'Vanwa

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Volume 1

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Aubry Bibbins and Tiny Terry.

The Terris Burg Tribune!

Volume1, Issue 1. 

Potent Portals and Treaties in Terris!

Welcome readers! The Terris Tribune is printing it's inaugural issue and boy what a doozy! I am Aubry Bibbends, editor and lead reporter for the Tribune, and I hope to regale you with 



Potent Portals!

For long-time and new residents, the buzz around the square is filled with talks of a newly constructed portal, and the formation of a new governing body!

"It's about time," said a dwarf smith, who wished to remain anonymous. "We've been here for who knows how long... no dawn, no dusk, no... time or anything. It's not natural and we need to get out." 

Terris was founded 300 years ago... (a rather subjective since timekeeping is difficult in the current world we are in) and created a safe haven for those who had been pulled to the armpit of the multiverse. 

Lucky for us, some of the displaced individuals were quite gifted in the magics and sciences, and have finally created a doorway to break into the other realms, and hopefully, to find a way back to our homes. 

I've sat down with Erin Nyx, founder of the Explorer's Guild and asked her a few questions.

A: Thank you, Erin, for sitting down with me and talking about the new... Guild?

E: Yes, it's a department of Terris Berg, founded by the council. 

A: Yes, I see. And can you explain what it's functions are, and how exactly things are going to work?

E: Of course! The Explorer's Guild's main focus is to present an official voice of and for the people of Terris to any government or organizational body...

A: Are only members of the guild allowed out of Terris?

E: At this current time, yes.

A: You understand how that could be viewed by the average reader.

E: Of course, and I don't wish to convey any secrecy or subterfuge. Let me explain. 

A: Yes, please.

E: Last week or so, we set out with our first expedition. The trip was... educational.

A: One dead and one in the hospital if I recall. 

E: The dead one got better...

A: ...at the price of a resurrection scroll, something in limited supply around here. 

E: Who should we have saved it for... you? Those who signed up for the Explorer's guild are regarded as a valued member of the community and every effort will be given by us to ensure their safety and recovery.

A: Yes... valued members... you have listed as a "job" classification... Thief?

E: Yes?

A: You don't see anything wrong with this? You're hiring a criminal element that has been plaguing our city for years. We barely have enough food and supplies as it is, and having to fight for resources with the monstrosities outside those walls, and we have to deal with some shady underground group of rogues who likes to help themselves to things that don't belong to them. 

E: They are an integral part of the guild. We need people of those skillsets to assist the adventures in solving some of the traps and locks we may encounter during expeditions. 

A: So, you're sending the rogues out into other worlds to rob people then. 

E: We're telling them to do no such thing. The Explorer's guild is a neutral entity. Should an employee of an... unscrupulous history join us, for their service, the council will absolve them of minor crimes. We're not going to allow people to join who will be a major disruptive force to our community. 

A: I see, and why can't we just leave right now and make a home in this new world, Mystara?

E: Well, we're all cursed. 

A: ...

E: This realm has a curse to it, or so the Elves say. All the items in our world will always be pulled back. The first expedition experienced this almost immediately, as a party member vanished and returned back here moments after leaving. We have researchers trying to understand the constraints of this, and the portal was mildly damaged during the first connection, so we're unsure when the next expedition will be. 

A: So... even though we're able to leave, we'll end up back here?

E: Yup... sorry to say.

A: You don't seem too distressed about this... hiccup in the counsel's plan. 

E: Well, it's just as you say, and we're working on the problem, so there's nothing really more to stress about is there? We're no closer to getting out of here than we were when the portal was built... but we have a plan of action, and we are restructuring the Explorer's Guild to accommodate this new... development. 

A: And what would that be?

E: We've lived in a small community for centuries it feels like. But we've all assisted and helped each other out, grown close and never bothered with the need of currency. 

A: True, but we are struggling as it is with food and supplies. The clerics are exhausted from using all their ability to summon and purify enough food and water that we can eat and drink.

E: But, that's going to be an issue outside. 

A: How do you mean?

E: Well, if that world is like anything we come from, they're going to use some form of currency. 

A: Agreed. 

E: Well, I've developed a sort of credit system for our city that will allow the burg to participate in the influx of goods and materials that will be imported from the realms, and to make it simple, we'll call it GP. 

A: Gold Pieces? 

E: Guild Points. 

A: Wait... does that mean the Explorer's Guild is going to introduce a currency system to the city? What about all the people who are just... living and don't have a source of income? Is the counsel just going to let people starve?

E: The current system of government and distribution will not change. I want Terris to understand this is a good thing. We are unable to export any products for trade into any of those realms. Anything our smiths make will vanish one day and return back here. How would that look to an organization if we sell a thousand swords to an army, and while they are defending a city, their swords start vanishing? 

A: I see your point. 

E: So, the adventurers will go out and be our export product. They receive gold and treasure from their adventures and will exchange them for credits that they can use here. This will also allow the Explorer's Guild to secure a foothold in a realm, and establish an embassy to allow us to maintain a relationship inside the realm. 

A: So you see them as a commodity?

E: Isn't everyone? No matter how you look at any successful society, human work and effort is something that will always be needed and traded. 

A: So, go over the whole thing then... say I'm a new recruit. How would you pitch to me to risk my life for something like this? 

E: This isn't something to press or force. It's a very serious decision and a personal one. No one who has signed up needed convincing as each one had their own reason to go. I don't ask if they don't wish to share, as it's none of my business. My business is our city and our people. I will welcome with open arms anyone who has the resolve to pass between worlds like that. 

A: Thanks so much for your time. 

E: You're welcome! I look forward to our next meeting. 

Well, I am not sure what to expect, but I hope good things will happen from here on out. If you're feeling restless, and wish to sign up for the Explorer's Guild, come on down and sign up!

Treaties in Terris!

It's exciting news, Terris Burg has secured its first treaty! 

Newly enlisted Explorers were assigned watch detail on a scavaging run through the forest to find anything that might have been summoned we can use. 

Recently, we've suffered attacks from the woods by unknown assailants who have vandalized our equipment and attacked our people. Sadly, a few lives were lost during the struggles. 

Setting up more lookout posts, Halgor, Rexia, and Kokichi came across a small goblin ambush group. Tensions mounted as both groups made wary contact, but logic and reason won over fear and hate. Rexia had convinced one of them to lead the party to their hideout. 

What I had thought would be a swift execution, turned out to be more than that. Rexia, Halgor, and Kokochi sat and spoke with the hobgoblins running the attacks and settled the issue. It's learned that the reason the goblins were attacking, was more out of hunger and fear, than trying to expand their territory. 

The deal was simple, though we're short on supplies. We agreed to provide them with a portion of the food from the salvages, and they promised to not attack us and even keep a lookout for other dangers. 

We also now have a permanent goblin liaison, Meatgrub, working for the Explorer's Guild to help our new friends manage the assistance they will provide. 


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