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Trixie's First Wish

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Dimmsdale High erupted with the sound of teens bursting through the classroom doors and into the hallway. They quickly clustered into their groups, exchanged books in lockers, and gossipped in the fifteen-minute break between bells, and retreated back into their respective classrooms, filling the hallways with the eerie silence, and the occasional sound of a janitor's sweeping broom.

"Timmy?!" AJ shouted from an open door and looked to the room across the hall.

"Trixie!" shouted Veronica. She had changed her hair to black last summer to match Trixie's hairstyle and be twins-ies this year.

AJ and Veronica locked eyes. He gave her a sly smile and wink. She rolled her eyes and shut the door to the chemistry lab.

He looked back to Chester who took a seat in the back, sliding his backpack to claim the seat next to him, and shrugged. AJ closed the door after he shrugged back. 

Unbeknown to Chester and AJ, Timmy was in the middle of something.

"Timmy Turner, you’ll need to tell me how you pulled this off one day," Trixie gushed in amazement. She’d had no idea why Timmy had wanted to make out in his locker... but like always, the boy had some game when he put his mind to it.

The inside of his locker had a false back and an elevator. The man and his friends must have broken into the school and dug into the ground for months to mined out this... 

"Swag...pad?" She questioned upon seeing the garish neon light sign. The entire...chamber was a good twenty feet and roomy. It was filled with furniture, lighting, a TV, a water bed, video games, and a lava lamp.

"Yeah...someone still trying to be funny," Timmy replied, glaring at the lava lamp. "But don't mind it... I' something about the atrocious 70's attire. That's not what's important." 

 Trixie chuckled and walked to the waterbed, sitting down and patting the place next to her. Looks like Timmy was having what she called a confident day today.

For as long as she'd known Timmy, he’d had 2 types of days... normal and confident. Normally, he'd be depressed, gloomy, and mopey. But, if you could get under his skin, and light a proverbial fire under his ass, he seemed to be able to make magic happen!

She'd seen it all her life, and she felt slightly guilty for her secret encouragement plan after that cool kid stunt he’d pulled. She’d promised she'd only talk to him when he was having one of those days, and it’d worked... when he wasn’t putting his foot in his mouth. 

All their life, she’d played a secret game with him. She had secretly been rooting for him to win her. And, he always, somehow, met the challenge.

She'd have gone off with one boy or another out of anger or his stupidity to hurt his feelings, Once with Chester, Tad and Chad, another time with the beach bully. 

She would sit, and await her rescue like the good damsel, but sometimes Timmy takes it too far. 

The beach bully destroyed the beautiful sandcastle he made her. She’d been so angry it was destroyed; she just wanted him to stand up for himself... but, he’d pulled a Timmy and ruined the game.

He’d fought back but had wound up roughhousing too hard and she’d fallen, tearing a ligament in her leg and ruining her cheerleading career for the year, putting her months behind in the competition. Her father had been disappointed with her even though she’d won, due to her poor performance from the injury. And he wondered why she didn't talk to him for weeks after her recovery! And that’d been back when they were 10!

Luckily, things had calmed down in junior high and the crazy stunts had toned down to reasonably obnoxious ones.

Her personal favorite was back in freshman year, when he’d booked a DJ, a Mariachi band, and had called in Chip Skylark to serenade her and ask her to the winter formal. She’d instructed her security to go easy on him...he’d known she’d accepted based on the morse code the guard relayed to him throughout his..dispatch off her property.

Wasn't planning on going to the dance, it's stupid anyway... it’d spelled out, but her bodyguard may have punched him too hard, as she’d never gotten a reply. She was sure Timmy knew morse code... or was it AJ?

"I don't want to do this anymore," Timmy said defiantly, snapping her train of thought back to the obstinate Timmy before her. If it’d been anything else he’d wanted, she'd have done it in a heartbeat the way he was looking at her...but this was too much. Too dangerous to the plan. 

"We're doing this again?" Trixie rolled her eyes. "We've gone over can't happen! My scholarships... my entire future will be in jeopardy!"

Timmy crossed his arms and stood his ground. She grinned coyly at him.

"We have the plan, we wait till after college...some high-class training and new clothes for you, and we can present you to Daddy for approval." Trixie giggled and held out her hands, reaching for Timmy who stood his ground. 

"Come sit by me and tell me I'm pretty." She said coyly at him. "You got your wish, I am your 'secret' girlfriend, why ruin it?" 

"Why?" He demanded, "Why are you 'secret' dating me?". 

She couldn't believe the nerve of him! Was he serious? After the hell, he’d put her through on a weekly basis since they were kids?"Why?" She growled and stood, his defiant gaze faltered, and she pounced on the opening like a fox on an exposed rabbit...

"Why would I, the most popular girl in school...even think about letting anyone know that I’ve finally given in to your lifetime of obsessive pestering?! Don't you think everyone would think I'm crazy for dating the weird pink hat kid who professed his love for me shamelessly every day? You are embarrassing and I have standards that I need to maintain! You don't understand the pressure I have to deal with" 

"I don't see why that matters," Timmy replied dryly. "I never lied. I’ve known how I felt about you since kindergarten." 

"I just gave you a cookie!" 

"HA! When you give Timmy a cookie you get a lifetime of torment...I'm writing that down!" a disembodied voice cackled from the lava lamp. 

"What the hell!?" she exclaimed. 

"Oh, just a talking lava lamp I got from the internet... found it in Canada," Timmy shrugged. He took off his shoe and threw it at the lamp, knocking it onto the floor. 

"OWCH!" it screamed 

"Kinda cool huh? It's like those smart devices." Timmy said. He clapped his hands and said "Norm!" 

The lights dimmed, a disco ball dropped from the ceiling over the water bed, and saxophone music came from the walls. Timmy clapped again, and it all vanished.

Trixie knew something was bothering him–he just wouldn't admit it. He was doing another "Timmy" where he’d try to overcompensate for something bothering him. She just needed to drag it out of him. 

"Timmy, you had me skip class to sneak into your secret mancave where I assume You, AJ and Chester burp and fart during lunch... I'm feeling my skin crawl just thinking about what those two would be doing on this bed..." She approached Timmy who kept averting her gaze. "You want to talk to talk. I'm here, no one is going to interrupt. Nobody but yourself is getting in the way." 

Timmy sighed and handed her a piece of paper. 

"What's this..." She noticed the letterhead immediately and her stomach sank. He didn't try to... "You tried to get into my college?" 

Reading the rejection letter, she could see where his mind was going. The "Swag Pad", his mood, and wanting to reveal their relationship... it made sense. 

"I was going to use this..." he said, in a sort of mumble. "I know you never believed me, but I never lied to you. I tried so hard... I studied and took the tests... I went there and tried to argue with them to let me attend."

"Timmy..." Trixie said giggling... "That's not why..."

"I was going to use this for money, but that never worked when I did..." he mumbled and twiddled with something. "Thought if I was smart... or funny... charming... good hair..." 

Trixie's laugh softened when she saw Timmy's face twisted. He was sobbing to himself. 

"I always say it’ll be better, it’ll turn out okay... but now it's not. And you're going away. We know what happens when the girlfriend goes to college." He fidgeted with a box in his hands... her stomach dropped... he wasn't going to go on one knee and...

"I was going to use this for myself, but that's always been the problem, the lesson I learned, you can't use it for yourself," Timmy said. He pressed a small rectangular velvet box into her hands. "So I'm giving it to you." 

Timmy glumly moved away from Trixie and flopped down onto the waterbed, his sullen face ignored the warble of the bed as he withdrew into himself. 

"Timmy Turner you idiot!" Trixie shouted and stormed over to him. He looked up at her as she towered over him, face purple with anger. "Don't you realize WHY they turned you down! IT'S AN ALL GIRLS SCHOOL! THAT’S WHY MY PARENTS ARE SENDING ME THERE!"

Trixie noticed him eyeing the box in her hand, she sighed and opened it... it looked to be a golden movie ticket certificate that said: "One Rules Free Wish".

"What... I have no words for you." Trixie sneered and crumpled it into her hand. Timmy's eyes grew wide.

"Trixie... wait! Don't hold that while you're..." it was too late, she'd let loose. 

"... stupid boy doesn't see why I bother... oh I should date Tad or Chad... guess what mom they're gay! Dad's always looking at me... A- will not get you a doctor... I just wish..."


"I just wish I could see inside your head... what’s going on and why you do all those weird things! I don't get you! Every time I think we're starting to go somewhere you sabotage..." 

"Oh, Trixie... I'm sorry for what's going to happen."

She looked down to see the ticket glowing brightly. 

"Timmy...?" Trixie squeaked before everything went white.

Timmy and Trixie floated in a black void, hands clasped. 

"It's been a while since I've been here... not since..." Timmy smiled sadly. "Ask me anything." 

"What happened?" Trixie asked, glancing around, stupefied. The black void erupted with colour and they were shown a scene of Trixie and Timmy passed out on the floor. 

"We're still in the 'Swag Pad'" Timmy said. "This is my mind, you wished to understand, and that's why we're here. I thought you'd want to wish to forget me or for a billion dollars or something.

"What... are you talking about?" Trixie shrieked in a panic, Timmy squeezed her hand reassuringly and pulled her to him. All her fear melted away when he smiled at her. 

"I'll give you your wish, everything is here for you to see," Timmy waved his hand in front of him. "Do you remember our first kiss? You called me Tommy."

"Oh my god, yes... you were acting like a dork, pretending you were cool. I admit you had style, but we were trying to call your bluff when you finally said you had that mansion and you... oh god, what was it? Inherited the internet?" 

"Well... here's what happened." And Trixie listened intently to Timmy's tale of fairies, pixies, and genies, all while visions painted themselves around her. 

She saw every wish he made about her, to her, and for her. Every catastrophe he’d saved people from, he’d looked for her. 

"Cosmo and Wanda, where are they?" 

Timmy's vision turned to his 13th birthday and an emotional embrace with his godparents. they’d handed him a box and said they'd always watch over him, but he was too old for fairies now.

The box had the rules free wish. He’d given her, her! A rules free wish on a whim because he was afraid of losing her. She closed her eyes to the rest of the life Timmy was showing her. 

"Take me out," she ordered. 

"This is a one-time thing," Timmy responded frantically. "When we stop, it's over... this is your chance to ask me anything, see what happened during all those weird times, and get answers about all the weird things that went on all those years!" 

"Take me out... now!" She demanded, pushing him away. The connection broke. Timmy looked shocked, and Trixie watched the wish ticket fade from a golden glow to a faded bronze, its’ magic used up. 

"Oh you stupid, stupid boy!" She  paced back and forth and shouted."Do you realise what you just gave up, and... you... didn't even need to!" 

"What are you talking about?!" 

"Why am I in love with such a moron? He could have been a CEO, he could have... oh I'm going to be sick." Trixie muttered to herself and paced as she ran through all the possibilities flying away. Money, fame, power, a way to get out from under her parent's thumb.

She paused at the small movement out of the corner of her eye, like a predator she pounced on Timmy's attempted escape. 

"Oh, not this time mister! This will not be like the school play!" Trixie shouted. He’d somehow got CHIP SKYLARK to come to see her performance and sing on stage... and’d vanished before she could even thank him or say a thing, and then the next time she saw him the mood had flipped and he done something  embarrassing.

"SIT!" she ordered and pointed to the water bed. He sheepishly followed directions and sat at the foot of the bed glumly. Trixie sat cross-legged at the head of the bed she pointed to the spot in front of her. "SIT!" 

Timmy obliged and sat in front of her. It reminded her of summer camp when she'd sneak out to read comics with the boys.

"I don't want to see a video of your life in your head." She said, caressing his cheek. "I want you to tell me. I get that you couldn't until now. I'm...sorry for not understanding sometimes, but you need to know I had no idea about fairies, but it explains a lot." 

"It still doesn't change things." He said glumly. "You're only dating me in secret till you go to college, then I'm sure..."

Trixie lost her patience and slapped him across the cheek. 

"Don't you even finish that thought?" She growled... "We've talked about that 'reputation' you've obsessed about and the differences between rumour and truth... should we talk about Chloe?"  

He sheepishly rubbed his cheek. Trixie groaned and grabbed her purse. 

"You make it very hard to secretly date you, you know that?" she lamented and tossed him a folded letter. It was to another college but in the same city. 

"I never applied to this one, hey! It has a monster truck mechanic course!" he exclaimed. 

"Of course it and Chester go on and on about opening that monster truck store." She said while handing him a pamphlet

"You thought I'd leave you here? I'm rich! All I had to do was buy some library wing and pay the tuition– Daddy didn't even notice. Also, you think I'd do something as plebeian as living on campus? I've already got our mansion overlook picked's only 200,000 square feet, but I mean, it's a starter home, so we're only going to need a small cleaning staff and...two butlers?" 

"You...weren't going to break up with me?" Timmy gaped in shock. 

"Timmy... Shut up and tell me I'm pretty." Trixie cooed and pulled him to her. 

"You're not," Timmy said. "You're beautiful." 

"And my love burns for you like a thousand suns..." Trixie replied, remembering the love letter he tried to hide from her during the fifth-grade dance, his face turns a cute red when she says it to him.

As the bell rang indicating the end of the class, they could hear the rumble above them as thousands of teens migrated like herds of wild beasts. 

Timmy and Trixie ignored it all during their embrace, as though they were the only two that existed in the world at that moment. When the bell rang a second time, they separated , Trixie giving him a coy smile. 

"So, we're ditching another class?" Timmy asked

"I don't care if we ditch the whole day..." she said. "You have me all to yourself... have any ideas?" 

"You suck!" Timmy shouted as Trixie cheered for her third win. She learned where the "Swag Pad" came from; Timmy had used an uncounted wish that "Norm" owed him from back when he was 10. And, after he had found him on eBay, used it to carve out the secret room.

He’d asked Norm to make a room irresistible to ladies and had proceeded to describe in as much detail as he could think of with the help of a pixie lawyer (who owed him a favor). 

Norm still found a loophole. He argued that the use of '70s stylings was irresistible to ladies... of the '70s, and pointed out that Timmy never said what year they needed to be irresistible to, and went back into the lamp.

But, Timmy's plan had worked, as he’d just wanted the space and an entrance; the contents of the room itself were of no consequence.

After Timmy had explained how "Norm" worked, she took charge and used one of his wishes to update the video games and comic books, and Norm had…, well, normed it, and provided video games with mismatched systems, and a library of misprinted comics that should’ve been scrapped, but somehow hadn’t made it. 

"You know Timmy..." She said and tossed Norm the Genie to the side, pulling out her wallet. "Why use a genie when I can use my credit card!"

By lunchtime, the "Swag Pad" had been redecorated. AJ, Chester, Veronica and Tootie were in the newly dubbed "Timmy Cave". 

After everyone was fed, Trixie and Timmy officially came out as a couple... to no one's surprise. AJ did have to hold back Veronica's rabid attack as she tried to claw her face while she screamed: "IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ME!"

AJ held up a dead frog and winked. 


She fainted, and he put her in a chair off to the side. 

"She'll be fine." 

The rest of the day was spent underground with the cool kids and the loser talking about their future– what life would be like after high school, and wonder about the uncertainty of their future.

Timmy squeezed Trixie's hand and boldly exclaimed that he had no worries, because as long as Trixie was by his side, everything would always be okay. 

She chuckled, her forever optimist.

The End

This is my submission to the Ship-it Show's contest of the TimmyXTrixie ship. 

It's been a while since I've written fan-fiction. The last one I've finished was Star Vs. Destiny and that has potential for more. 

Somebody once asked me why I even write fan-fiction if I'm trying to be taken seriously as an author, and I like to explain to them... at least for me, fan-fiction is like going to the gym, and doing cardio before hitting the weights.

Writing fan-fiction is easy, and allows someone to explore plotlines, and ideas and work out events to see how you can fare against the original ideas. 

As a Kaiju, it's often in our nature to barrel through something to get to where we want to go, and... this is the same sort of thing. Some fan-fiction writers and readers have an unsatisfied sense to the story and want to "fix" it, while others love the genera so much, they are starved for stories (or the show gets cancelled and no one knows what is going to happen.)

When I decided to throw my tail into the ring for this, I did what any good writer does, and research. I spent all day watching every relevant Trixie episode and found some interesting things about her. 

1. Clearly she takes her position in her social circle seriously. Based on a lot of her excuses and reactions show there's more than her own pressure for social graces, but an external one... and I'll get to that later. 

2. Until season 10, there was a clear arc of their progressed relationship. They have dated MULTIPLE times, she has given him boyfriend status at least twice in the 5th grade alone (The one year we have for all 10 seasons...)

3. 99% of the shenanigans that exposed Trixie to what really is going on has wiped her memories. I have removed all the events in those episodes from any current plotline. As of this story, she's completely in the dark about anything mystical. She had rationalized away all the crazy things as nothing more than pranks. 

4. Trixie liked Timmy first. The more I think about this, the clearer it gets. They are 10-year-olds. Trixie has shown she likes being a tomboy and clearly thought AJ's dead frog was cool. Yet, she discludes them EXCLUSIVELY with everything. I think this is more because of a parental influence, though, it's more about 'Her' status... as her father let her into the house with no questions asked when he was fully loaded with power tools when he lost his emotions because he was a "Standup" guy (I think...)

5. I was a quiet Kaiju at that age, but when I got older, I learned the rules and began to move between groups, and something I realized is that no one is ever sure of anything. And that's the situation Trixie is in. 

She's the popular girl, all eyes are on her, the pressure of the school, her parents, and her peers to lead them in all ways of fashion, style, and rankings... one misstep, and it can all come crashing down. She's ONLY been told she can't fail.

What does that do to someone? The only sense of validation she must feel is when someone says she's pretty. Trixie is so much more than being Pretty, and Timmy is the only one who saw that.

I mean, Trixie wanted to be a political reporter at 10... that's not being a trophy wife, that's someone who is as big of a dreamer as Timmy, just being told what's proper

5. The wiki on the show said she might suffer from "Historonic Personality Disorder" due to the behaviours she exhibits through the show.

After watching every episode she is in, I can clearly say that's not the case. 

One thing everyone is missing when analyzing and breaking down things, is that she is 10 or 11 and not really hit puberty. Historonic Personality Disorder is something diagnosed after 18, and kicks in around 13 or 14. They become the center of attention, pulling conversations away from people and forcing themselves into conversations.

Never have I seen her do ANY of that. Any use of "Boyfriend", "Date" and even "kisses" are taken and should be seen taken as what they are...  playground drama that you will find in any grade school.

Yes it hurts Timmy's feelings when she says she's going to date Chester to make him jealous... but that's sharing a swing at recess... not getting hickies in the back of his car. 

Timmy's emotions (lack of during the episode) was right, and it was a mean thing to do... but she's 10, and it didn't mean anything.

IF ANYTHING, I think she clearly suffers from overstrict parenting... a subject matter I will step away from and mark off as toxic and something I do not wish to discuss but there is plenty of online research you can look up.

Overall... let me tell you Trixie Tang's story... about her and the weird kid with the pink hat. 

Trixie Tang grew up in high society, but since her, and ChaD and Tadd are going to public school, I don't think they're as rich as they say they are.

The children all grew up together, but Trixie wanted to play with the kid who wore pink. Her parents say he's weird because boys shouldn't wear pink. She admired his obliviousness to the rules. 

he went away for a while because of some stuff with Gary his imaginary friend, and was labelled crazy and told to just ignore him. He can be violent and talks to himself. 

This really hit me, when I learned of his imaginary friend. Timmy's world was so terrible, he fractured his psyce to create a sociopathic alter, pre-magic faries. 

I think this is WHY he was chosen... as everyone knew he was in therapy, and rumoured to be crazy. The teachers all talk down to him, and never help him with anything. Everyone expects him to fail, and assume he's stupid because he's friendly and always smiling about something. 

He's seen talking to himself sometimes, but her mom and dad would say he probably can't afford medication and something about politics being corrupted.

Which got her interest in politics, if she can report on the bad ones, maybe she can get good ones in office that can change the laws and help the boy get the medicine he needs. 

But still, his parents told her about what happened with the bat when Timmy thought there was a monster, and Gary told him how to beat it...

So Trixie knew and watched over Timmy for years, and in 5th grade, he finally opened up out of his shell. the quiet boy bloomed in to someone who was confident and assured, almost too much. 

Trixie would see a savant in Timmy and try to encourage him, but often the only times he steps up to a challenge is when she ignores him. She tries to find ways to spur Timmy into some kind of action. 

The beach episode with the bully really showed that to me. She was waiting for Timmy to rescue her. She wasn't on the bully's lap and making out with him, she was reading a book. 

It's a game for her, and Timmy is her knight... he's just clueless about the whole situation and screws it up. Then Chloe moves in... and Trixie is pushed to the side. 

She's proud, and not going to cry or fight for Timmy. Chloe and Timmy became best friends and Timmy stopped talking to her. She didn't persue it because again, they're 10, and her attention probably got focused on extra cirriculars.

The social standings will maintain to highschool, and there will be a deeper rift between the children groups, as it always does... but freshman year; I think Timmy will burst into highschool charm blazing and gunning for Trixie. 

Junior high will just... be a mess, I can't see any way around it... These kids will form ranks and retreat into their clicks to deal with the "changes"... and Timmy will have to deal with losing Cosmo and Wanda... but the wish they gave him will give him the boost to try and win Trixie's heart without magic.

And so, all of highschool Timmy, AJ, and Chester will just... do the same thing, but with duct tape and glue, cotton balls and dry ice, instead of fries. 

Trixie will be proud of him, but make him wait till they are seniors before dating... she's still angry about Chloe.



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