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Somewhere in your setting, describe
A technology used for defense or protection
A total of 176 entries

Askarain Retractable Shield

The Wall of Quelow - Morgeidainean History A Marvel of Magical Defense

Factotum, Clockwork Dolls

Festungsbarriere - Denash-Schema

Dromiadym: Shield of the Sleeping Mind

Rapid Anti-Material Lock-On Sensor

Bouclier de Dispersion Arcanique

Fire Protection Engineering

Laser System of Defense

Dwarven Reinforced Earth Foundations

The Airmetal Chain at Amethyst Cove

Potemmik's Alarmed Lock

SORSCH - Свинцово-охлаждаемый реактор с шаровой кладкой СОРШК

Military Vessels of the Million Islands

Z1-8 Duster Artillery Command Vehicle

Anti-Teleportation Magnetic Barrier or AnTMaB

Multi-Spectrum Defense Field Belt