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Large bats

The giant bats from Nul

A bat species of 1 meter and 30 centimeters. Their wingspan is 2 meters and 50 centimeters. They maintain a fission-fusion social structure. The large bats come from the caves of Nul, and while their size is much increased compared to normal bats their feeding habits have not changed from insects, fruit and vertebrates. Rather the bats have gained some intelligens. Their size also contributes to a lack of predators. Their biggest treat is humans.

These bats are dangerous.

Their tactics are no longer only for mating, but for hunting too. A common strategy is herding together a swarm of prey together and leading them to the web of a previously killed spider. The large bats kill if needed, they may also kill humans if they are in the way. Few times will a bat kill humans to eat. That only happens if the bats are hungered, agitated and have exhausted all other options.


A subset of the large bats have been domesticated for around 500 years. In that time their backs have become a bit wider, and they have become more passive. The bats are used for transportation for the most part, as they have just the right size and are sufficiently submissive.
The bats were domesticated by vampires, that can communicate with them in bat form. Some vampires can also become large bats themselves.


That said, one of the biggest issues with keeping the bats is the amount of dammage one could cause if not controlled. The worst case of this happened back in their early domestication, with 3 deaths and 24 casualties. 6 more died in the hospital. The sudden bat uproars have since subsided, but are still around. The most recent was in 2059 where a bat flew off with supplies. Two followed after, but were captured. One of them hit a worker and left a bruise, but he was fine after a week. A completely different story is the amount of humans injured by wild large bats.


Bat meat can be eaten, and tastes similarly to that of a deer. The skin can also be used as other animal skin can. They are popular hunting game, and make for a good challange.
Scientific Name
Chiroptera magna
30 years
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