Gamma Riley

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He gets regular headaches and nosebleeds.

Body Features

Because of his cybernetic body, he has enhanced strength and durability compare to a normal human and even some mutants.   When his father experimented on his brain to create a cyber-enhanced super brain, he also infused his skull with Oprine Kallaseite to make it impenetrable by most things.   Similarly, the metal parts of his cybernetic limbs are also made out of kallaseite.

Identifying Characteristics

A line on each side of his face that extends from the hairline down the middle of each eye and then down his face to his chin. All his siblings have these same marks but so do many other cyborgs.

Special abilities

He doesn't really have any mutant abilities, however he has been made in to a cyborg because of his father's experimentation.   His cybernetics give him enhanced reflexes, eyesight as well as hit detection and speed. His brain has the ability to connect to the internet.   Their cybernetics also causes a lot of mutant powers to be extremely useless against them, while others might be super-efficient against them.   If an EMP of some sort were to go off, he would collapse and start having seizures. After a few moments of seizures, his body will temporarily shut down.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Reece is a young boy skilled in fighting both hand to hand and with knives and other type of weapons. He's the son of a notorious super villain, of which he at some point worked under. He has cybernetic augmentations particularly both his arms and his eyes, as well as from the knees down. He also uses a mechanical suit that is specially design to fit to his body perfectly.   During his life under the Super Villain Megahertz, he was called Gamma by his father as he was the 3rd child. He has several siblings, including Alpha, Beta, Delta, Epsilon, Digamma, and Zeta. Alpha and Beta are both dead, and Delta and Epsilon have gone missing. They weren't given proper names by their father, but instead opted to name themselves when they were older.   They were all made to rival each other, forcing each other to try and be the best for their father.   Reece, Bryn and Gerald tried to defect to their uncles side however they had to abandon Gerald during a brutal fight with Landon and Dewey that left the three of them dead.   Bryn herself was also badly hurt and disappeared at some point during their escape. He hasn't heard from her since.


He has made quite the name for himself in the IFF despite being a new comer.

Personality Characteristics

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Extremely good with knives
Villain turned Hero
Current Location
Year of Birth
4071 Taor 19 Years old
Gender Identity
Orange, cybernetic
Other Affiliations


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