Oprine Kallaseite

A very powerful and strong metal that is sought across galaxies.


Material Characteristics

The metal is very black with reflective flecks of silver, white and ivory.    It is the most durable material in the universe and has a melting point as hot as the hottest star.    Kallaseite in its natural state is warm to the touch though it gets cold quite quickly in colder temperatures. While it doesn't appear to freeze, if one were to touch oprine kallaseite during extreme cold temperatures their fingers would freeze almost instantly.   It has a taste like cinnamon mixed with salt and acid but is extremely dangerous to consume. The actual material has no smell to it, but heated kallaseite can smell like burnt or burning cinnamon. The hotter it gets, the more it smells burnt.


Alien creature use this material to build ships or to sell to other aliens.

Geology & Geography

It is most common and easiest to find under South Work, possibly other places and other planets.

Origin & Source

Buried deep within Zerth

History & Usage


It was discovered by some ancient alien species from a galaxy far, far away long before the dinosaurs went extinct.

Everyday use

The most common use for kallaseite is in alien spacecrafts. However, it isn't a common material used on Zerth.   The most common uses on Zerth is in machines created or commissioned by the rich and powerful. Most typically, it is used in items used for less savory things like war such as the L-R0C created by Jonas Wade.   It can also be turned in to Soulite by witches. Such examples using kallasoulite is Hellfire, and the puppets Narok and Masquerade.


Oprine kallaseite must be melted down from it's ore state in order to be used.   In order to shape the material in to it's desired product has to go through a rigorous process that can take weeks.


A special stove has to be used in order to generate the level of heat needed to melt down this ore. As this stove is very dangerous to use the smith has to wear a suit specially made for this purpose. Even with this suit on, prolonged use of the stove without proper breaks can cook the person alive.


Common State


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