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Kraitian Seas

The waves crash against the banks of the northern coasts, heralds for the gusts of wind brimming with the smell of salt. Thunder booms in the distance, streaks of lightning breaking the dark blanket of clouds in the distance. The wrath of the Kraitian looms ever closer to the mountains, its denizens no doubt retreating into the relatively safety of their stony homes.


The Kraitian Seas span the mountainous, ice-ridden northern coast of Varia. It contains frigid waters as well as chunks of ice and icebergs, although the regions closer to Varia host the Damned Isles, groups of rock-like islands several dozen miles from the northern Varian coast.   The weather gradually worsens as one traverses farther north to the high seas to the point that the distant parts of the Kraitian seem to be embroiled in a constant storm. As a result, the waters exhibit particularly turbulent behaviors even close to shore.

Alternative Name(s)
The Damned Waters
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