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68. The Great Herd Encampment

General Summary

At the Great Herd’s encampment, the party was given a place to rest from the day’s events. While Xandran, Caedon, and Lethune conversed privately, the adventurers spoke amongst themselves. They discussed how to address Davie Tinkermattan, who had tagged along following his mental restoration and proved more secretive than to the party’s liking. Later, Lethune convened with the heroes and quite directly asked the truth to their identities. When they candidly complied, the aged elf seemed satisfied. The entire group reconvened, including Ahairn, to discuss their situation. Xandran explained, to questionable effect, what had been transpiring in the Evergreens as well as offered a plan to acquire the artifact the heroes needed in their quest to reach An-Geilis. However, Xandran’s attempt to sway them towards a swift exit fell upon deaf ears, though to his own relief. The party then decided to take a rest for the remainder of the day, giving themselves time to gather information, plan, and prepare.

Character(s) interacted with

  • Lethune
  • Tessam
  • Ford
  • Vanta
  • Caedon Gael an Toryn
  • Ol-Teressi
  • The Wild Sentinel
  • Xandran Ke an Er
  • Ahairn aur Moir-Laoke

Report Date
27 Nov 2018

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