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67. Warm Reunions

General Summary

Following a night of rest, the party sought out their fallen comrades the following morning. Kent and Varris greeted the reincarnated Ford, Tessam, and Vanta coming out of the Mother’s Glade; meanwhile, Jester and Sorrow were approached by a lone Caedon. The party then reunited to speak of their next steps. Around midday, the entirety of the Ol-Teressi camp gathered after the Wild Sentinel’s summons. After the Sentinel directed their efforts, the party spoke to him in private. They confirmed their intentions to find Xandran to which the Sentinel replied with information on his whereabouts and aid to reach him. The party once more prepared, gathering supplies and leaving behind Ford and Tessam at the camp.

Once they were ready, the party traveled through one of the oaks with the Wild Sentinel’s powers. They appeared in a forest, greeted by the sights and smells of smoke and flames. The adventurers rushed forward into a battle between centaurs and fire elementals. During the course of their combat, Kent discovered that one of the warriors fighting the elementals was in fact Xandran. The party fought through a swathe of the elementals, putting a stop to their rampage in the vicinity. Afterwards, Xandran greeted them cheerfully, despite mixed feelings on the other side. Due to their actions, the Great Herd’s leader, Ahairn, thanked the heroes and their company. Xandran then recommended they all return to the Herd’s encampment.

Character(s) interacted with

  • Lethune
  • Tessam
  • Ford
  • Vanta
  • Caedon Gael an Toryn
  • Ol-Teressi
  • The Wild Sentinel
  • Xandran Ke an Er
  • Ahairn aur Moir-Laoke

Report Date
20 Nov 2018

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