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Robert "Bob" Smith

Create a new hero in your world from the past - they can be historical or mythical in your world   Robert Smith, was born in Paris, Texas in the United States on July 4th, 2032. His father worked out on oil rigs and his mother was an accountant. Robert had a pretty good life, never went hungry, his parents were there for every sporting event and school event. his parents loved him and each other every much. They all went to church every Sunday. Robert was a pretty average kid in school and never wanted to go on to college. So when he turned 18 he joined the Marines. As the years went on he enjoyed the Marines and kept resigning for more tours. After 13 years in the Marines he wants to leave, because he met a girl Lily Stanton. However when he put in his papers United Nation forces invaded Russia. The Marines denied his papers and were going to make him finish his tour. Soon after Russian troops invaded the western coast, him and his whole unit were sent to the frontlines of the conflict in Bakersfield, California. In the middle of them flying there, they got orders to go to New Mexico, because Russia had broken there line and had killed everyone. Robert and his unit landed in Santa Fe, New Mexico at 0317 (3:17 am). By 17:37 (5:37pm) the Russian military was there and blasting away. Out of the 125,000 American Soldiers there, only 21,000 made it with their lives (7,486 were wounded). The Russians attacked with 350,000 troops, and lost almost half of them. Robert made it out alive. Next him and what was left of his unit was sent to Sheldon Iowa to hold the line there. 250,000 troops were held up in Northwest Iowa for two weeks before the Russian Forces arrived. Russians had them outnumbers 450,000 Russian troops came down on Northwest Iowa. The fighting lasted three months, most battles were fought from a far. American forces were able to push the Russian forces back to the Missouri River. America then as able to blow all of the bridges and were able to trap Russia on the other side of the river. Robert and his men were on the frontlines the whole time. Within two weeks Russia was able to get their forces back over the river and this time Russia was able to overrun the American forces and drive them all the way back to the Mississippi River. Robert and his men held that line for four months. However on July 4th 2064 Robert and his men were overrun once again; American forces numbers 175,000 men Russian troops numbered 500,000. Robert and his men were killed one by one. Roberts then wife (Lily Smith) was give the Purple Heart, since he was killed in battle. While in battle a drone caught Robert and his men in their final moments. Robert and his men, would not fall back as they were ordered to do, because they knew if they did everyone would die. Robert and his men, numbering only 13, killed over 3,000 Russian troops in that battle. Now any man in the unit Robert was in, yell "For Robert" before they enter a battle.

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