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Gljufrabui, Iceland

Create an area of outstanding natural beauty in your world!   Throughout time rivers and waterfalls have carved canyons and created the most beautiful scenes in the world. The waterfall tumbles into a narrow slot blocked from view by a rocky outcropping. Hidden around the corner from the immensely popular Seljalandsfoss, it’s worth the short walk and little bit of effort to view it. Visitors can get to the waterfall by wading through the stream – it’s generally passable, but assess the situation before entering because flowing water can be dangerous when deep and/or fast into its hidden cavern. You can look straight up at the column of water and enjoy the misty roar of the “secret” you’ve discovered. You’ll also get very wet, so be prepared. Alternatively, you can climb the rocky area in front. No technical climbing skills are needed, though there is a stretch where you need to hold onto chains bolted into the stone. From the top, you can peer into the cavern below. It’s definitely worth the effort to see this reclusive little waterfall.

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