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In the City of the Moons, you are born to one of the three moons.  Of the first, the ability to shift from human to animal, of the second, to make matter from nothing, of the third to manipulate time and space.   when it is discovered of which moon you are born to, you are issued your ribbon.  Of the first, red, of the second, blue, of the third, purple.  Each citizen will wear this ribbon at all times letting it drape down in dazzling color from their left shoulder.  All fashion in this country is based around this ribbon that must always be worn.     The ribbon is your place in the country, almost like citizenship, an ode to the Goddesses, a sign of dignity and respect, you are nobody without it, so it must be worn.  It is your documentation.  Small things are altered in the ribbon throughout a lifetime. Each person is issued only one ribbon, woven of the finest silk which is highly regulated.  It has an intricate weave leaving it with a most interesting sheen.  Silver thread is used to very delicately write the wearer's name in the weave of the wearer.  It can only be read on the back when shifted in the light.  Some might have important titles added, rankings, or spouse name.  Others have kills in battle added, or their line of work.     Having something beyond a name or rank added to a ribbon is rare, but some traditional families do.  Losing your ribbon can be a difficult thing to face.  It is very very difficult to obtain a new one, a long prosses.  People are very careful not to lose it, as we would hold tight to a birth certificate and a social security card put together.   Every once in a while there is someone born powerless.  No power, no ribbon.  the Ribbonless lead a difficult life.  They will have to find a city that will take them in without a ribbon, a store that might sell to them, a job they can take without a ribbon.   Strange to be born not of any of the three Goddesses and even stranger for that to make you are stranger to everyone you meet.
Certificate, Civil

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