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Blue Crow

Blue Crows are a special breed of crows, distinguished by their bright blue color. As they are extremely intelligent and loyal, and immune to magic, they are used as messengers by the officers representing the Free City of Vapore. It seems that among the common folk they are tied to superstitions and bad omen, but there is no evidence to that.
Leonard Teapot, Tome of Beasts and Animals

Basic Information


Blue crows resemble normal crows, except for their bright color and their slightly bigger size.

Additional Information


Blue crows were created by the inhabitants of Vapore by breeding regular crows and alering them with magic. This process caused their coloration and their ability to see trough illusions and enchantmnts.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Blue crows don't have a natural habitat. They are only bred in Vapore, and live only in Vapore and other cities' aviary.

Average Intelligence

Blue crows are able to recognise people and locations. They have shown signs of intelligent behavior, recognising their reflection and understanding simple cause and effect correlations. They are able to count at least up to seven, but can't count up to twelve.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Blue crows are able to see trough magical illusions, and are immune to magical charming. This makes them perfect to deliver messages reliably.
Scientific Name
Corvus Hyacinthum
Common crow
12 ears
Conservation Status
The species is protected. It is forbidden to hunt blue crows, as they belong to the Free City of Vapore.
Average Height
Average Weight
Average Length
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Blue crow's feathers are colored of a bright tint of blue, and are sought-after for their beauty and rarity.
A blue crow usually has a black beak and white eyes.
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