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The Wanderers are a small group of Ukari People who wander about Taware Mound, worshipping the geographical location as a thanks for supposedly keeping them safe from predators.


The Wanderers started out as a small group of people in the Outer Sector of Tak'are who sought a life better than the one they were already living. Poverty, oppression and awful living conditions can get boring after a while, it turns out.

As soon as The Wanderers escaped from Tak'are, they fled to the north where they traveled through the dangerous Dry Reef. It's not like there are many safe places in Talerin, but the Dry Reef is especially lethal with acid bellows on the constant prowl.

After several months of tedious wandering through dangerous areas, The Wanderers discovered Taware Mound. The Wanderers dealt with numerous attacks from creatures as they were exploring, hunting queens, clawed vipers, and acid bellows, and as soon as they found Taware Mound all of these attacks ceased.

To protect themselves, The Wanderers remained at the mound and circled the mound as a form of worship, thanking it for keeping them safe. After a few years of living in trees, caves, and other small crevices, The Wanderers set up some houses to live in each time they passed it; today there are thousands of buildings scattered in a ring around the mound, visited every so often.


The Wanderers have developed several langues, both verbal and non-verbal. While speaking Ukarian, they have developed a more formal language between themselves to try and separate themselves from the informality in the Outer Sector they tried to abandon. They succeeded, and formulated a new sub-language, simply called Formal Ukarian.

A second language created by The Wanderers is referred to as the "Language of Lights". This language is used when one or more Wanderers are in danger, and needs to communicate distress signals. Each Wanderer is lawfully made to carry a flashlight of sorts, so if they wander into danger they can use it to create a distress signal and help can be sent.


The Wanderers enjoy a simple architecture, houses made of mammoth whale bones and bricks carved from the ground. These houses are made to be very sturdy yet quick to build, since they are left alone most of the time and are at great risk of being destroyed by weather or creatures.


Wanderer art is simple, yet very powerful to them. They love to paint the creatures they hunt with the blood of that particular creature, as a show of dominance. One particular building to the south of Taware Mound has a display of every creature hunted by The Wanderers, painted with their blood.


The Wanderers, like all other Ukari People, are carnivorous, and have to hunt their food down. This is helped by their nomadic lifestyle, as the more environments they surround themselves by the more creatures they are able to hunt. They typically swarm mammoth whales and take the giants down by sweeping their legs, eating their flesh and then using their bones to build houses.
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