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Mud Skipper

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Mudskippers are a popular vehicle used to traverse the muddy Martian swamplands. Mudskippers are used by tourists, rented at Rental Points on the edges of the swamplands, while some are privately owned and customised by martian pirates.


Mudskippers have an egg shaped body, outlined with thick metal. There are two floors in the mudskipper - the deck and the basement. The deck is the largest, twice as tall as the basement, and is where the control room is located. The control room can be accessed through a small door at the front of the vehicle, with a large impenetrable glass window. On either side of the vehicle are balconies that extend along the entire sides of the mudskipper.

The vehicle moves on a large track, made of bronzewood, a flexible wood that is less dense than the mud of the swamplands and repels it, no matter how heavy whatever on top of it is. Bronzewood is perfect for traversing the swamps of Mars, and you'll find vehicles, shoes, and even swimsuits made out of it.

As a last resort, mudskippers have large "halos", which help crawl the vehicles out of mud if in danger. It almost never happens, but if the vehicles are overturned then the halos will push them out, by creating a webbing inbetween each ring and scooping mud out of the way.


Mudskippers come in two sizes - Independent or Group. Independent Mudskippers are designed to fit three or less passengers. These vehicles can be hired as soon as you arrive at a Rental Point. Independent Mudskippers are much smaller than Group Mudskippers , and are operated manually. Three bicycles are fixed on the deck, and by riding it can you power the vehicle. The more people on bicycles, the faster the vehicle moves. If you're stuck you may activate Emergency Mode, where the vehicle will then operate automatically and will speed up/activate the halos. This is only to be used if the vehicle is under attack or overturned.

Group Mudskippers are designed for up to thirty passengers. Because of their size, they are automatically drive, you just have to input your destination on a screen. Completely foolproof. Group Mudskippers are gigantic, and could easily fit 60 people but for good measure the passenger capacity is much lower.

Private Mudskippers & Martian Pirates

Martian Pirates are unfortunately common in the swamplands. While they mostly inhabit the Piratelands, in the north of the swamps, some are found sailing around the other parts of the swamplands. These pirates drive private mudskippers, usually customised with weapons and defences. Pirates commonly engage in conflicts with each other, and the Piratelands are known as one of the most dangerous places on Mars.
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