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Mink Spacecraft

Mink spacecrafts are a class of vehicles used by the oanie. Designed, constructed, and owned by Mink Industries, these vehicles are often used in space exploration.

Vehicle Types

  • Mink: Cargo vehicles are used to carry obscene amounts of resources. They trail behind Mink: Explorers and pick up large samples of rare resources from new planets discovered.
  • Mink: Carrier vehicles are used to carry live items. Fauna, flora, fungi, and anything else discovered are stored in small biodomes that perfectly mimic the environment they are found in.
  • Mink: Explorer vehicles are the leaders of any oanie exploration into the depths of space. Their asteroid assessors, planetary scanners, and all manner of gadgets are unmatched, and the rest of the fleet follows closely behind.
  • Mink: Defender vehicles all fly in a tight formation around the other vehicles in each fleet. The oanie are targeted and shot at quite often in the depths of space, and these defenders protect the more vulnerable vehicles. No vehicle is allowed to trail off without a defender by its side.
  • Aronnan Origin & Mink Industries

    Aronna is Karkhala's most technologically advanced country, and that is saying something. With many of the planet's forefront organisations in terms of space travel, exploration, and domination, Mink Industries was founded almost a thousand years ago.

    With its headquarters in Afahela, the most populated city in the country, Mink Industries has over three hundred sites on exoplanets.

    Flag of Arrona by Flag Designer

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