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Arthropleura is one of many organisms that have been brought back from extinction around the Yonderverse. These giant prehistoric millipedes are common fertilisers, as the most purchased breed of arthropleura, originating in the Tiszantis Bio-Market, have a connection to Floramancy and can generate foliage wherever they step.

Prehistoric Origin

Arthropleura once existed on planet Earth, between 350 and 290 million years ago. One of the largest creatures when they dominated the forest landscapes of northern Canada, they pale in comparison to the lifeforms that followed them.


Eggy Placeholder by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Modern recreations of arthropleura are almost exact replicas of their prehistoric forms. The single difference is the length of these massive arthropods. Prehistoric arthropleura rarely grew more than 2.5 metres in length, while recreated arthropleura have been seen reaching lengths over ten metres.

Arthropleura have incredibly thick tergites, capable of withstanding gunshots from moderately powerful weapons. Some breeds of arthropleura are bred for heavier armour-plating, as some military organisations use arthropleura.

Arthropleura have short, wide heads, sometimes used for digging into the ground to camouflage by sitting embedded into the ground. There are two pairs of legs per tergite, like modern millipedes of planet Earth.


A common creature found in the Market, arthropleura was a giant millipede from the Carboniferous and Permian periods of prehistoric Earth. This species' innate connection with floramancy, able to regrow forests everywhere it crawls, has led its genetics extensively altered, magnifying these abilities to combat deforestation.

The first reconstruction and revival of arthropleura dates back around a hundred years. It was the first evidence of prehistoric organisms on planet Earth having any sort of magical connection, especially unique for a species from the Carboniferous and Permian periods. Many regions and planets suffer from deforestation, climate change, and severe desertification. Arthropleura have been bred to magnify their magical powers, enabling just a small military team of millipedes to completely regrow a forest in days.

  350 - 290 MYA
planet Earth
Scientific Name
Arthropleura armata
5 years - 50 years
Average Length
2.5m - 10m+
Geographic Distribution
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