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The Shacklehut and Raeor‘s Domain

Purpose / Function

Located in the southern Verithal Alliance Raeor's Domain is one of the very few nearly-functional remains of the Orbirian Empire. It is a high-security underground prison, spiralling lower and lower downwards into the depths of the world. It is a prison of terrible, inhuman design and is only used to keep the strongest villains at bay. Mass murderes. Child enslavers. Attempted terrorism and genocide.   The Shacklehut is what they call the building that serves as the entrance. It houses the prison's small administration office and serves a a gateway to the barracks for the guards that stay on premise. There is a series of contraprions and checkpoints for guards and visitors in it's cellar, which then leads on to the entrance hall and the prison itself.


The only visible structure is the Shacklehut. It is covered by a largescale illusion, that makes it seem like a tiny, rundown, shack made of rotting, dark wood in the middle of nowhere. The actual building is not much bigger, especially compared to the massive prison. It stands alone on an island of stone in the middle of a small lake. The little island is surrounded by a metal fence and the outer gate is made up of chains. Lightning can be run into these chains at a moment‘s notice. There are a few windows on the actual shacklehut structure itself, which can be seen as soon as one passes through the gate. At closer glance seems the shacklehut seems to be made of dark, veined stones that have a multitude of runes edged into them. These small openings serve as support for permanently attached mechanical crossbows, and for fresh air. There is a stone roof that is parallel to the floor on the top of the building but covered in large, thin spikes of varying hight to aviod any entry from above.
Important Prisoners Iredece the Mad Mage  Dreide Breithal IV  A white dragon in it's human form.
Parent Location


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