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Xyri - Drow rogue

Xyri, a former princess loves dresses and all things beautiful, dark and bewitching. As a charlatan rogue she knows that with a fine enough dress is half the battle won already. A wink here, and a bewitching smile there and she has them. Hook line and sinker. She appears confident, in charge and certainly ready to combat whatever stands in her way.   Xyri's eyes are completely white, after she died and stayed that way for a little too long, a cleric managed to revive her but her eyes never went back to the pale violet they once were. To combat this, Xyri lines her eyes with a smokey black pencil, and wears a pretty grey colour, slightly darker than her skin tone on her lips, which are either in a warm smile, or twisted into an ensnaring smirk, and despite her eyes now lacking pupils and irises, you can often tell exactly what she is looking at, purely by weather she is smirking or smiling   A drow's pride and joy is their long, pure white hair but Xyri's curls around her chin. I wish I could say this was an act of rebellion against a culture that valued superficial beauty more then any of her thoughts or feelings, but this haircut was after she fought a warforged and lost her hair dodging it's multiattack. Better her hair then her throat. She adorns it with spun platinum ties and pins and tries to keep it tidy and tangle free. She's covered with platinum, obsidian and amethyst. Her ears, hands and head are liberally coated in a layer of jewelry that sparkles at her every movement and casts dancing, beautiful light across the room as she dances or jumps about. This serves as a striking impression when combined with her white eyes and gleaming hair. Xyri adorns herself with the very finest things she can, attempting to make up for her short hair and pale white eyes with beauty and riches unseen by many
Xyri wears a fine silken dress that she leveraged an elven shopkeeper's fear of her estranged mother's rage: Anluryn, known as the iron hearted blood queen of the Innerion. A powerful drow kingdown with a reputation for having a nasty habit for revenge. The dress itself is a work of art, black, off the shoulder, with mesh hanging sleeves, trimmed and accented by spun platinum across the sleeves, skirt hem and neckline. The Bodice and corset are reworked into plate armor, it's not a lot of protection but she can move well. The skirt falls to her ankles, exposing a pair of matching black and platinum high heels. She learned the mending cantrip in order to be sure that this dress remains in flawless condition. Xyri's shoes are slipper-style heels with platinum spun adornments across the toes and the heel. Enchanted, they make little to no sound as her feet hit the floor. Surprisingly. they haven't worn out yet.
Item type
Clothing / Accessory

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
4 Jun, 2021 16:32

Nice article, Xyri certainly sounds as if she has a striking appearance :D Any reason you chose platinum as a metal to put on the dress and shoes?

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4 Jun, 2021 20:45

Nice read. The eyes turning completely white due to here dying is quite interesting and it is also nice that she uses her make up as a way to make up for that. And indeed losing some hair is better than losing a throat :p

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