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Githyanki Red Hand Operative




Kanela presents as a Githzerai , wearing monastic wraps, cloak, and sandals. She carries a golden wakizashi in a blood red scabbard.  

Interactions with the Heroes

  • On the Heroes' first night in Sigil, Kanela approached them and offered gold in exchange for the information they may have about the strange armor they were still wearing.
  • They lied to her and so she offered to pay them handsomely for the armor the next day.
  • While they slept, she hired the Ruby Rats to break into their rooms and attempt to get the armor but they rebuked the attack, resulting in the death of at least one gang member.
  • The heroes suspect Kanela was involved with Minotaur blacksmith's murder shortly after they visited him and sold some of the armor.
  • Kanela and four other Gith broke into the heroes' kip, got into a battle with them, then fled the scene with two downed in the fight.
  • Through a magical sending stone on the body of one of the gith, Kanela offered a trade for the life of Amerigo in exchange for the Greater Silver Sword they carry.
  • The Heroes tracked down Kanela's hideout to The Face of Gith's basement, broke in and fought her, finally killing her.
  • She was decapitated, with her body being buried in the community garden of Rat's Nest, and her head taken by Jynx to use as a planting pot.
Current Location
Circumstances of Death
Place of Death
Face of Gith Basement
Dark Brown and dreaded
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale Yellow
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
First Appearance
Episode 16: Ich Bin Ein Ausländer

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