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The deadliest predator in the deadliest forest in the world. The shatter-kith will hunt anything that enters the Anomalous Forest.
— Instructor of Recruits
The elves can't quite keep the shatter-kith population down, so when the season comes I always go. When you're after them, you're the hunter and the prey. Look me up after class if you want to see my scars.
— Sgt. Kill Flayer

Shatter-kith snuck into the Anomalous Forest from some unknown gods-forsaken Prime Material Plane more than a hundred years ago. These psychic hunters stalk prey with enough intelligence to know fear. These monstrosities instinctually shift their mutable body, nine limbs and skull-like head into a configuration pulled from the fears of their prey.

Their most-common configuration consists of four wings, two tails, and three humanoid arms topped by a fanged bat skull. The cacophony of limbs emerging from a wiry bear sized body covered with faces screaming in a human voice.

by Branden L
Hart Shatterkith by Banden L

They enjoy stalking their prey just out of sight. Making enough noise for their victims to know that they are being hunted, but not enough to give away their location. Shatter-kith love the taste of fear mixed in with the flesh and blood of their meal.

They are gluttons and make no distinctions, attacking anything that they think they can bring down, including other shatter-kith. Their goal is to grow large enough to split into another shatter-kith that then leaves as quickly as possible to find it's own territory.

The elves and druids of Tol Acharn and Menelost Telperion constantly hunt and are hunted by the shadow-kith. They fight desperately to contain and eradicate the population before it spreads out of the Anomalous Forest.

Basic Information


Shatter-kith have nine limbs that can take different configurations. They have one skeletal head and can have up to five faces scattered over it's body.

Genetics and Reproduction

Shatter-kith grow constantly untl they are large enough to split into two separate beings that then go their own way.

There is speculation that shatter-kith are black chicks that have not found a host and have grown into the next stage of life.

Growth Rate & Stages

Upon fissioning off from it's parent, a shatter-kith is fully grown and ready to hunt and survive on its own.

Ecology and Habitats

The shatter-kith immigrated from an unknown plane 150 plus years ago. They infect the Anomalous Forest despite the best efforts of elven hunters.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Shatter-kith eat any living creature capable of fear.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Shatter-kith rely only on telepathy and feel to sense their surroundings. They have eyes, but they don't use them.

Immortal unless destroyed or starved.
Conservation Status
The shatter-kith are an extraplanar invasive species. They are to be hunted to extermination.
Geographic Distribution
Tree Shatterkith by Branden L

Anomalous Forest

Anomalous Forest
Geographic Location | Nov 2, 2023

The overflow of different realities mix together in the ultimate version of survival of the fittest.

Black Chicks

Some speculate that shatter-kith are a stage in the life of black chicks.

The Black Chick
Condition | Feb 24, 2023

(Content warning: Gruesome body horror)A tiny parasite from the Shadow and Fey. It causes supernatural transformations, turning its host into an aswang.

Cover image: by Branden L


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