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Session 39: Housekeeping Report

General Summary

The Tower of Bluxton Lost in Time

Noctus Lunara, the chronurgist time wizard, caught wind of unsettling news. The Tower of Bluxton, his haven and home, had become lost in the tapestry of time. The Tower, led by Temporalis the Weaver, had succumbed to Chronal Chaos, causing partial collapse and temporal turbulence.

The seasoned wizard had moved into Lucius' room, taking it upon himself to prepare for the challenges that awaited. As whispers of temporal distortions reached his ears, Noctus, armed with his silver hourglasses, prepared to return home.

T-R01d's Interests & Shopping Montage

T-R01d expressed a keen interest in Shogzaf Ash, the Fiend Hammer. His inquiry led him to gather enough information, opting for a cautious approach rather than a confrontational one.

The small group restocked on healing potions and consumable magic items. D'Wat bean searching for the rest of the parts of the Orrery of the Wanderer.

Seraphena Syren's call echoed in their ears, urging them to investigate the Elf King. Deliberations filled the air, and a collective decision led them not towards the Elf King but to the mysteriously vanished Tower of Bluxton.

The Mudfish's Maw

Returning to the Tower's location, they were met with a perplexing sight. Instead of the familiar Tower of Bluxton, a giant stone mudfish embedded into the ground greeted them. This was the magical Mudfish's Maw, a dungeon shaped like a colossal mudfish or perhaps a mudfish that had transformed into a dungeon.

Journey Through the Maw

Frog Magus and the Fish Eye Gem

A frog magus within the mudfish tasked them with retrieving the Fish Eye Gem. The adventurers, enchanted by potions that altered their sizes, ventured through a whirlpool into the bowels of the mudfish.

Chambers of the Lotls

Axolotls, aglow with arcane energy, shared cryptic information about the Mudfish's Maw. Minor magical items were bestowed upon the adventurers as they advanced.

The Beating Heart

In a chamber shaped like a heart, spiders skittered beneath a beholder that floated above. A skirmish ensued, culminating in the defeat of the beholder, with T-R01d claiming its eye.

The Belly of the Beast

Waist-deep water in the Belly of the Beast concealed gems held by frog arms. An enormous purple worm lurked beneath, swallowing T-R01d in a flash. The ensuing battle tested their mettle, concluding with the recovery of the Fish Eye Gem.

Weaver's Revelation

As the Mudfish's Maw quivered around them, expelled onto the ground, the Tower of Bluxton reemerged. The mudfish itself transformed into an ancient time dragon, revealing itself to be Temporalis the Weaver, the guardian of the timeline. Gratitude filled the air as the dragon thanked them for returning the Tower from the throes of Chronal Chaos.

Pit Patrol Adventuring Company
Noctus Lunara
T-R01D, The Death-Bound Revenant
D’Wat Bestia
Report Date
24 Oct 2023

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