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Session 14: Canal District Adventures Report

General Summary

Lessons Learned in the Casino

Party-lion Zernon and party-dragon Oyxuysi go into the casino under the mistaken impression that they can make money as gamblers. They are wrong, and lose all their gold in an up and down session of dice duels.

To show them a lesson, T-R01D and Fez double their money in one roll of the dice and quit while they're ahead.

Feeling sorry for them, the dealer "This One" the brain-in-a-jar, tells them about a job opportunity in the Canal District of Aurumopolis. People have been going missing during the Night Market and there's a 2000gp reward for whomever can end the abductions.

Kidnappings in the Night Market

The quartet of Patrollers head out to the Night Market. They find a small but lively crowd hanging out amongst food stalls and trinket vendors. They come across another game called the Pepper Challenge. Each competitor eats a random pepper. Whomever can go five rounds without drinking milk splits 100gp.

These four would never run from a challenge. Fez and T pay the 10gp/each entrance fee for Oyx, Zernon, and themselves. They get through pretty well, except for Zernon who downs his milk halfway thorugh. Fez's dwarvish constitution and Zernon's holy protections get them through the challenge. T simply turns off his taste buds to power his way through.

As they finish, cries of alarm ring out from the canal. Three boat vendors have been plucked from their boats by water weirds, snakes made of water. They are dragging their prey into the water to drown them and take their bodies to some underwater lair.

T-R01d grows to his giant size and wades right into the water. Fez activates his boots of speed, once again becoming the fastest dwarf in the world. Zernon leaps from boat to boat and Oyx hangs back, picking off enemies from range.

The group successfully down two of the weirds, but one gets underwater, dragging his prey along with him. Fez races from boat to boat trying to save the vendor, but unable to break the water snake's hold. Eventually he jumps in with the victim, holding on to his hand... and never letting go!

Finally, a giant-sized T gets to them and smashes the weird away from its victim just before they go under a bridge. The weird escapes, but Zernon's feline senses enable him to track it to it's lair.

Drowned Men in a Black Dragon Lair

They come to a quiet area of the canal and T-R01d dives down to the entrance of the water weird's lair. As they get closer, Zernon sniffs the air and announces that it reminds him of the time he had poison sprayed on him in a shed at Moons-a-palooza. Just a little different.

Without anyone to scout for them, the Patrollers barrel right into the lair, with T leading the way once again. The Death-Bound Revenant rushes in and activates his robe of colors, stunning most of the creatures in the lair. The young black dragon in the back covers his eyes by sacrificing some of his protective scales.

As the patrol rushes in, they pick off the zombified dead vendors who had been reported missing. They form a nice line and the black dragon takes advantage of it by flying past and blasting them with bubbling acid. T-R01d, takes the blast directly in the face and goes down, losing his giant form. Zernon also takes the full blast and Oyx dodges the spray, taking only a glancing blow.

The party regroups, Fez rewakes T with a potion, then uses his super-speed to line up the dragon and a dead warlock, blasting them with a javelin of lightning. Zernon and Oyx take down the remaining dead men, but the undead warlock summons the dark cold of tentacled space on the Pit Patrol.

Blind and beset by cold and horror, the Pit Patrol stumble out of the darkness, scared to be depleted of more life. T pulls his second favorite trick, tangling the young dragon in his rope. Oyx picks off the last dead man and the warlock, ending his aura of hungry darkness.

Zernon summons the power of the Kampilan of Greystone, blasting the black dragon with radiant smites, downing it and ending the fight.

Rewards Granted

A Tiny Hoard, But Still a Hoard

  • 4,200cp
  • 14,000sp
  • 4200gp
  • 210pp
  • Funeral urn
  • 2 Kneeling bench
  • Hourglass with sparkling sand
  • 2100gp of gems
  • 500gp of art objects
  • Nolzur’s Magical Pigments
  • Black Dragon Wing -> Dragon Wing Bow of Acid
  • Black Dragon Scales =>Black Dragon Scale Armor for Jello
  • Potion of Greater Healing
  • +1 Battleaxe of Lightning
Pit Patrol Adventuring Company
Lucius Solara
Oyxuysi Oyxuys
T-R01D, The Death-Bound Revenant
D’Wat Bestia
Fez the Jest
Report Date
30 Apr 2023
Primary Location

Cover image: PPAC Campaign Tier 2 by Chris L - Heroforge


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