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Session 10: Moons-a-palooza Report

General Summary

Investigating the Casino's Secrets and the Profit Houses

As PPAC took their first rest at the Bayani-Sun most slept peacefully except T-R01D who woke from his resting state to awkward cuddles from an unseen force. As the rest of the party awoke they made their way around the casino. Some took to games of chance at the dice table and then some went to visit the quest wall.

Zernon and Fez took to one quest asking for someone to meet them outside of the casino. They were met by a snivelly wannabe wizard, Olin Wiscard. He wanted to learn more about the casino, how it functions, and what was going on above the domicile floor.

Meanwhile, T-R01D and D’Wat sleuthed their way outside of the 2nd floor balcony. As they crested what they thought was the roof they noticed a golden pyramid which upon closer inspection was a house of worship to Charos, the god of business and commerce.

The soulforged ran over rooftops and the fairy flew over to investiage. They saw a throng of devotees willing to part with their gold, silver, and fine gems. The priests gleefully accepted the offerings to the gluttonous altar. D’Wat the savvy wanted to make a good impression with the priest realizing that the Aurumopolis Profit House could be an avenue to the finer things in life.

D’Wat rushed through horde of devotees screaming the praises of Charos. The Profit Holden Trove welcomed him on the alter to testify the way of Charos and D’Wat exclaimed that the priest claims rang true and that he left 100 GP to Charos and was rewarded with 200 in return.

D’Wat hyped up the crowd and asked that anyone come up to profess the mystery of Charos! T-R01D wrapped in only his sleeping clothes fell onto the dais spilling 5 gold pieces; the priests greedily scooped up what precious metal while D’Wat adeptly placed 10 GP onto T-R01D’s person. T-R01D exclaimed that Charos’ blessing was swift and the 5 GP he just cast to Charos doubled in his pocket leaving him with 10 GP. The Profit realizing the religious fervor of the two asked them to donate back for greater rewards; D’Wat parted with 200 GP and T-R01D his 10 GP.

Outside of the casino Olin asked Zernon and Fez if they could aid him with his mission to sneak around the casino and learn more about it. The hulks clad in heavy armor knew they would not be the best to sneak around so they let the man know they would clue in their rogue, D’Wat. Zernon and Fez woke Lucius and asked Momo to channel a message to recall his master to the rooms. The group moved to the main hall and noted they would help the wannabe wizard in time. One of the Flaming Musketeer captains flitted by the party and notified them of orders to run security at tomorrow’s Moons-a-palooza.

The Moons-a-palooza Massacre

As the sun rose the company moved east out of the Solargate District and south past the Mushroom Fields into the Anomalous Forest. As they approached the lodge hosting the festival they move through crowds of jolly festival goers, merchants, and food caravans. D’Wat tried his hand at thievery and was fascinated to lift a gold coin with HIS face imprinted on it. Startled he looked around for his recent mark, who had faded away into the crowd.

D'wat's Stolen Coin by Chris L - Heroforge

As the group approached the hunting lodge the music ramped up, but the crowd and chatter died down to nearly nothing. The crossroads in front of the lodge were barren, littered with bloody foot prints, bodies, and the stench of chemicals.

Suddenly an Oni materialized in front of the compatriots. T-R01D rushed the beast and just as he slammed his arms out to grapple the foe he fell through the Oni’s illusion and tumbled to the ground. The true Oni appeared behind the adventures and blasted the entire group with a cone of cold. The group got a couple of good hits on the Oni who transformed into a crow and flew to the main lodge.

As the team moved to engage him they were struck by mundane objects nearby. Realizing they were surrounded by mimics the group circled up with a number of them being grappled. The Oni in crow form paused at the door of the lodge and summoned up two displacer beasts who advanced on the team.

The largest mimc spat acid on Fez, but T-R01D’s cloud rune glowed and redirected the acid attack on the Oni who was unable to heal the wound. Lucius summoned his divine hammer to strike out at the Oni who flew into the lodge. The team slowly took out the mimics and displacer beasts and D’Wat advanced into the lodge finding a scene of carnage reeking of chemicals, theh tell tale signs of a green dragon.

The Awakening of Midnight's Bane and the Kamilan of Greystone

After downing all the foes the group split up taking shelter in two small structures outside of the lodge. As his compatriots rested D’Wat searched the grounds finding gold among the maimed and melted bodies. As he returned to the group, D’Wat was psychically charmed and the friendly voice asked him to borrow T-R01Ds hammer of warning.

My good fairy friend, know what would be fun? If we gave our friends a nice surprise! But the soulforged hammer won't let me surprise them. Could you be a really good friend and hide his hammer of warning? That way, I can surprise our friends with SUCH a fun prank!

— Your Friendly Neighborhood Cannibal Oni

The Oni and a young green dragon snuck up on the cabins accomapnied by displacer beasts. Simultaneously, the Oni attacked D’Wat, Lucius and Thirteen with darkness while the dragon unleashed a poiosonous breath attack on T-R01D, Fez, and Zernon.

Engulfed in darkness D’Wat and Thirteen fled the structure leaving Lucius to conjure up a maelstrom of divine spells. The Scion of the Sun unleashed beastly spiritual guardians and summoned his hammer Mjoll-far. He blasted the Oni and displacer beast with a sunblaze from his Ring of the Burning Sun.

After the poison breath the dragon flew to the roof of the other shed. Fez clambered up to face it, boosted by his owlbear Gello. T-R01D turned into his giant form and followed. But the mega sized soulforged's weight collapsed the structure. The fighters fell into a pile of rubble below, pinning Zernon to the floor. Fez was able to get in a quick attack as they tumbled down. T-R01D grappled the squirming dragon and held on. After they hit the ground the dragon unleashed another breath attack on the heroes.

Meanwhile, in the other shed, and epic battle between literal light and darkness took place. The sun cleric filled the darkness with his own light. From the outside, the oni's dark shell seemed to crack with light, exposing the battle between oni and aasimar. Sensing the futility of the battle, the oni stole Lucius' face and form. It slipped away, outo of it's own darkness and called to the half-elf Thirteen.

My friend! I've escaped the grasp of that powerful and handsome creature of darkness. Please, to fireball the structure so that the noble oni cannot escape!

— "Lucius" But Not Really!

Thirteen saw through the deception and responded with a fire bolt to it's face.

Meanwhile, with the dragon restrained, Fez and Zernon pummeled the foe. Zernon called upon the power of the sun. The lion man delivered two powerful blows, the second hit severing the dragons long neck from its body. As the fight with the oni raged on Fez took the chance to secure the dragon’s heart.

The rest of the party turned to watch Lucius and Thirteen fight the oni. Lucius again shot sun beams from his ring, finally blasting both the displacer beast and the Oni out of existence.

The company composed themselves and took to the task of harvesting usable parts including scale, hide, talons, and vials of blood from the dragon and retrieving the Oni’s iron club.

Pit Patrol Adventuring Company
Lucius Solara
Oyxuysi Oyxuys
T-R01D, The Death-Bound Revenant
D’Wat Bestia
Fez the Jest
Report Date
25 Mar 2023
Primary Location

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