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Session 01: Infestation of the Hex Crystal Mine Report

General Summary

Dear Ma,

By the stars and the crystals, what an adventure we've had! I hope this letter finds you in good health and spirits. Thanks for calling us in to help! I wanted to write to you and tell you all about our first mission with the Pit Patrol Adventuring Company.

You called us to investigate the disturbance at your Hex Crystal Mine, and you wouldn't believe the trouble we encountered down there. The mine was infested with these monstrous insectoid creatures called Kruthiks, and they were accompanied by these pesky little flying eyeballs called Gazers. They were shooting beams at us, Ma! It was like a swarm of angry wasps.

Me, D'Wat, Thirteen, Lucius, T-R01d, and Oyxuysi, we all stuck together like the strongest mountain rock. It felt good to be part of a real team, like we were all looking out for each other. I knew I could count on them when the going got tough.

We fought not one, not two, but three groups of those Kruthiks and Gazers. By Uth Rom's hammer, it was no easy task. The first group was a bit of a challenge, but we handled it well. The second group put up a better fight, but we didn't back down. And the third group, well, they were the biggest and toughest of them all. It took everything we had, but we brought them down like a rockslide.

Ma, I can't begin to describe how proud I felt when we cleared that mine. I knew you'd be proud too. We did it for you, Ma, and for all the hardworking miners who were in danger. No one messes with our family, not while Fez the Jest is around!

Your boss, the mine owner was so grateful, he gave us some fantastic treasures as a reward. I've got a healing potion, a potion of fire breath (imagine me breathing fire, Ma!), a potion of growth, and an oil of slipperiness. They're all useful tools that will come in handy on our future missions.

I miss you Ma, but being part of this Pit Patrol feels like a second family. We look out for each other, just like we did back on The Tortoise. I know I'm doing something good with my life, something that will make you proud.

I'll be back home soon, Ma, with more stories to tell. Until then, keep the forge warm and the ale cold. And don't you worry, I'll be careful down here in the Pit.

With all my love,


Pit Patrol Adventuring Company
Lucius Solara
Oyxuysi Oyxuys
T-R01D, The Death-Bound Revenant
D’Wat Bestia
Fez the Jest
Report Date
28 Jul 2023
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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