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The mechani-kin are mechanical folk who were not created through the Soul Forge. They include actual warforged from other worlds, awakened constructs, sentient golems, and so-called "Bug Brothers". Whatever their origin, they possess true souls, and we soulforged consider them our siblings.

We get all types here in the Zone and automatons ain't no exception. Walking statues, clockwork gnomes, rolling trash cans that go beep and boop, I've seen 'em all. I've seen them do good and bad, love and hate, fight and hide. Don't call them "unnumbered". They're just people, like the rest of us.

In the melting pot of the Kirinal Concordance Zone, sophonts of all kinds from across worlds and dimensions have made their home. The cosmopolitan Kirinalos welcome mortal folk of all kinds and make no distictions between those who were born, hatched, or constructed. As long as you have a soul and you follow the Concordant Mandates you are more than welcome.

Before the creation of the Soulforged mechanical folk with souls were rare, but not unknown. They included golems who gained sentience, one of a kind arcane experiments, and automatons created by gods or powerful wizards. Now those reborn from the Soul Forge form the majority of thinking constructs.

Less charitable folks call the mechani-kin the "Unnumbered." It's considered a slur and a way to make these rare sophonts into a dangerous and unwelcome "other." Most (but not all) soulforged discourage this kind of prejudice against those they consider kin.

Warforged & Dimensional Travelers

The majority of the mechani-kin are travelers from other worlds and dimensions who emerged from the Kirinal Pit. Many have escaped from war-torn worlds. They may have applied for refugee status and hold temporary ident-a-hedrons granted by the Zone Authority. Others have immigrated illegally, using False Ident-a-hedrons to pass as lawful residents of the Zone.

Some of these living constructs are true warforged, hailing from another Prime Material Plane very similar to Erathia. They easily integrate into soulforged society, sometimes going as far as adopting the marble faces common amongst this world's native constructs.

Others come from more alien realms. These androids and robots range from steel and silicon folk who outwardly resemble humans to robotic beings made of steel and glass that roll around on wheels.

Experiments & Accidents

The mad artificer @father has created dozens of metal men with metal shells and organic/arcane interiors. Most of them are just constructs, but some, including the first, named Bug Radley, have gained true sentience. These "Bug Brothers" have been appearing throughout the Zone and Sovranty of Lozar including a troop of them somehow serving as cannon fodder in the Dragon Empire.

Ancient Artifacts

The smallest subset of the mechani-kin are ancient beings created before the Age of Mortals. They include constructed animals made by Uth Rom, homonculi made by ancient wizards, and golems who generated or trapped a soul within them.

The most intriguing are prototypes of humans, elves, and dwarves said to be created by the gods from different materials before the gods created/raised the current mortal peoples. Myths of the Bronze Human, the Stone Dwarf, and the Mithril Elf have been legendary since before civilization began.

Related Ethnicities

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