False Ident-a-hedron Invocation

This eldritch invocation was created by Warlocks living in the Kirinal Concordance Zone. The creators of Ident-a-hedrons, the soul identification used in the Zone, deliberately designed them to use the same soul link as a warlock pact. Warlocks were responsible for the second Kirinal Catastrophe and the leaders of the Zone wanted to be able to easily identify warlocks.

"Concordant" warlocks, licensed by the Zone Authority, carry Warlock's Ident-a-hedrons that allow the ZA to identify and track them.

So-called "traitor" warlocks have had to come up with a variety of methods to go unnoticed in the Zone.

Invocation Effect

This invocation is cast as a ritual, taking 1 hour. It converts the warlock's pact boon into a fully functioning ident-a-hedron, but the warlock loses all other benefits of the pact boon. The warlock can recover their boon as a bonus action.

Cover image: by Simon Stålenhag


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