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Magister's Command

The dark wizards of the Dominion defend the Southeast Canton of the Kirinal Concordance Zone with armies of undead and hordes of conscripted goblins. The Magisters direct their apprentices, underlings, and troops from the rear. They accomplish this through a combination of necromantic devices, threats, and bribes. The Magisters expertly follow the letter of the Concordant Mandates while never following the spirit. Regardless, they have never failed their duty to hold their section of the Pit Wall. They enjoy the benefits of their status in the Concorance too much to ever give it up.

On the surface, the Magisters look old fashioned compared to the rest of the Zone. They've got your dark elves, goblin hordes, and necromantics with their skellytons. But scratch the surface, and they're just as modern as the rest of us. Personally, I stay out of the Southeast Slice as much as possible. The way those magisters lord it over the poor goblins reminds me too much of the bad old days in me great-grandpappy's time. They call them bond servants, but I know a slave when I see one.

The masked mages of Magister's Dominion rely on traditional methods to tame their Canton of the Kirinal Concordance Zone. Of all the Concordance for Survival members, the Magisters are unique in drawing their members from only one nation. The magocracy of Kiris was one of the ancient enemies of Lozar, but came to their aid after the Kirinal Explosion. They have been given a place in the Zone, but haven't fully abandoned their old ways.

Every week on Shadow for five minutes, the Magisters open the Great Kirisian Gate to their capital city Sekara. They say it's to shorten the week-long train trip down to a few steps. Zone Authority Officers approve all transport that comes through the magical gates. The Concordance surely trusts the Magisters. They're just verifying that the Mandates are being followed.

Based at the Fortification of Kiris, the Magister's Command consists of 5,000 skeleton and zombie troops commanded by Kirisian necromancers, 4,000 gobln-folk, and the requisite Magisters to control and command them. They supplement the cannon fodder with bound elementals, non-sentient golems, and the Silent Sky Corps.

The Silent Corps uses levitating dragon skeletons, mummified rocs, and platforms powered by bound air elementals. The masked magisters rain down arcane destruction on their enemies from the safety of these floating platforms.

Magister's Command at Fortification of Kiris

By right of birth and the dark flame inside me, I claim the title of Magister. I earned the right to wear my mask from the Sekaran Academy. As a Mage Mordant the undead obey my commands. My polished soldiers await me in the Boneyard outside of the Enclave.

Kismet Deathwhisper, Mage Mordant by Chris L - Heroforge

An hour before dawn I step outside the gates and approach my unmoving troops. I unfurl the Dark Banner of the Red Hand and my skeletal soldiers march out of the yard at my command. I relax on my ornate palanquin, and sip my tea as we march to the Pit Wall to meet the Manifest.

I know that I'm ticking off all the boxes for "dark elf necromancer" with my black silks and purple gems. Sometimes it's best to just lean into the stereotype. I'm arachnophobic though, if that helps how you think of me.

-Kismet Deathwhisper, Mage Mordant

Armies of Bone & Bond

The undead armies that haunt the stories of old Lozar now stand in the former heart of that country. Along with their membership in the Concordance, the Kirisian Magisters have been given the southeastern Canton to rule as they see fit, so long as they follow the Concordant Mandates.

The Mage Mordant Necromancers each control 100 mindless undead soldiers that are bound to the dark banners that they bear. Known for their ornate skull masks, the Mages Mordant spend their cannon fodder freely. They teleport back to the Enclave for fresh bone troops when they run out. The lives of the necromancers are worth infinitely more than the unlives of their thralls.

Similarly the soldiers of the Kirisian Alliance, mostly goblin bond servants, are commanded into battle by Mage Ekantrall Thrallmasters. These troops are better armed and armored, mostly supporting the skeletons from behind with crossbows and spears. The Thrallmasters, known for their cloth masks and glowing eyes, spend their cannon fodder readily. The enchanters take care not to become attached to their thralls. They never know when they may have to abandon them.

By the power of my mind and the steel in my voice, I claim the title of Magister. My voice booms commands through my fabric mask. My eyes glow blue and my orb of command sends my directions into the minds of my thralls. As a Mage Ekantrall, the minds of the weak obey my command.

I walk behind my soldiers, the unyielding wall that denies their retreat. I see through their eyes, and my mind pulls the triggers of their weapons through their fingers. It's easier to use their bodies to wage war myself. One cannot expect the simple-minded to do anything correctly.

-Eevix Mindrazor, Mage Ekantrall

Silent Sky Platforms

The Magisters use sky ships for transportation like the other civilizations of the Zone, but they use old fashioned methods to secure the skies in their Canton. With the use of the dead so pervasive in their society, they prefer to use skeletal dragons and mummified rocs as floating platforms for their mages to lay down withering magic from above. The Silent Sky Corps have surprisingly few true necromantic constructs. Usually the Mages Ulviroli bind summoned elementals or other spirits into the bones to provide smoother platforms that don't rely on crude flapping to stay in the air.

The summoners of Ulviroli command the platforms and summon spirits for battle. Next to them, the Mages Inviktus rain down fireballs, lightning, and meteors from the silent platforms above. The illusionist Mages Maze bring their more subtle forms of war upon their foes while hidden from sight. The evershifting Mages Marfan could be anywhere and anyone: the only trace of their passing, the distorted forms of their victims behind them.

I so enjoy my assignment to the old Fort by the Hole! I can do as I please with the outsiders from the Pit, as long as I follow the Mandates to the letter... or as long as I don't get caught!

-Professor Fidget, Mage Maze
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