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House Razak

The Razak's have been bannermen to House Molndal for millenia. For generations they have been the rulers of Razakstad and leaders in the Order of Light. House Razak prospers as the fortunes of House Molndal rise.

Von Razaks

The major branch of the family rules Razakstad. The head of the house and ruler of the city holds the title "Margrave of Razak" and is addressed as "Lord Razak".

The current ruler is Lord Maximillian von Razak. His heir is the sorcerer Lance Uppercut and is a great disappointment to his father.


The minor branch of the family holds the reigns of the Order of Light and is based in Morozzo. The Grandmaster of the Order of LIght is traditionally the head of the Tun-Razaks. The head of this branch is the noble ruler of Morozzo and holds the title "Graf of Morozzo." Since they are usually in the military, they assign a Mayor of Morozzo to rule it for them.

The current Graf is Count Hellenbrecht Tun-Razak and his heir is his daughter Harmony Tun-Razak, Legionmaster of the Order of Light.

Geopolitical, Great house
Notable Members

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