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Bessc Septs act as a vassal to the Iggmo Septs. Align willingly through the Copper Wars long ago, Bessc has small armies and generally acts more passive. Trade and fishing being its main sources of industry. They are seen as the merchants first to travel and become successful in communicating with the Tribe of Sol, leading to their eventual development into an Empire.


More loosely govern compared to the Septs in Igolt. Bessc is align over simply common culture and an old pact for all septs to protect the others inhabiting the islands making up the island chain. Mes being the largest and often host of any gathering of the Septs.


Pures of the mainland Igolt traveling to the island chain from the mainland, becoming disconnected and culturally common among each other. Adopting and altering the Kenjuit language formed by the Sept of Ig in Igolt into a dialect used in Bessc. Originally 6 Septs ruled the islands, yet a sickness swept the Tropics poisoning the waters of 2 of the 6 Septs, killing the children of the next generation.   The tribes that gathers to take their share of population growth were given nothing and thus attacked the Septs, taking what they could. From the ruin of these Septs the tribes migrated to the living Septs. Ones that survived the illness or not spread to their spawning pools grew from the migration. Some small conflict occur to sieze the septs for their own tribes, yet only in Su was it successful. Rpl, Oi, and Mes endured making a pacts to defend each other.   This pact was offered to the new Pures ruling Su some decades later after the fear of them faded to past myth. When Copper became a common tool in Igolt, adopted by Bessc and the Lehimri region soon the Copper Wars broke out. Upon the Pulsal Raids from Lehimri Bessc was unable to defend themselves from such attacking forces. In a desperate attempt to survive the continuous attacks Bessc expressed their concepts of Diplomacy to Ig and the Septs of Igolt. In doing so Igolt Septs became more complex with more diplomatic behaviors among them.   Offering themselves as a protectorate state or Vassal to Igolt the forming of Iggmo Septs arise. Ending the Copper Wars the Bronze Kingdoms developed in Bessc and Igolt as Bessc began to reach out around the coastlines of Wess. Eventually through many failed attempts reaching peaceful contact with the Wesser Homins.

The Waves must Sway

Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
Bessc Traders, Merchant Septs
Island Speakers
Parent Organization
Iggmo Septs
Bessc Keys

Vassal State

A submissive state of the Rule of Iggmo and the main trading hubs between Iggmo and the Solier Empelle.

Iggmo Vassal

Being a vassal of Iggmo thus makes Bessc open to common treaties Solier Empelle and Iggmo Share.

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