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About Us

Scott founded N&N after running a local game store for 7 years and realizing that there was only one thing you couldn't buy cheaper online: community. So a membership model was built at N&N and, after the Coronavirus hit, he joined with Slater and Bill to take the model to a much wider audience. He has more than 30 years of experience, beginning with MUSHes in the '90s and continuing through conventions, running a game store, and heading N&N, in building lasting communities of gamers.   Bill has more than 30 years of experience, beginning with Living Greyhawk and continuing to the present, in organizing, running, and writing game content. He has a degree in graphic design as well as decades of experience in computer programming and project management.   Slater comes to VSpace with a more modern, less curmudgeonly grognard philosophy on gaming. Almost all of the guiding philosophies we operate under came from his fertile mind, and it is his work that let us break out of the "way it has always been done" concept of organized play in the past and into a future that encompasses more player and GM empowerment as well as a wider scale of management.


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